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A sortable table that expands the overseas airdates by date, location, and first story

Date Country City/Region First story
1963-11-23 United Kingdom An Unearthly Child
1964-09-18 New Zealand An Unearthly Child
1965-01-12 Australia An Unearthly Child
1965-01-23 Canada An Unearthly Child
1965-04-07 Singapore An Unearthly Child
1965-04-08 Gibraltar An Unearthly Child
1965-05-24 Malta An Unearthly Child
1965-07-04 Aden An Unearthly Child
1965-08-03 Nigeria An Unearthly Child
1965-09-26 Rhodesia An Unearthly Child
1965-10-17 Zambia An Unearthly Child
1965-10-31 Trinidad & Tobago An Unearthly Child
1965-12-13 Bermuda An Unearthly Child
1966-01-18 Uganda An Unearthly Child
1966-02--- Ghana An Unearthly Child
1966-03-03 Jamaica An Unearthly Child
1966-03-12 Cyprus An Unearthly Child
1966-04-25 Barbados An Unearthly Child
1966-04-26 Hong Kong An Unearthly Child
1966-06-30 Kenya An Unearthly Child
1966-08-20 Thailand An Unearthly Child
1966-10-21 Mauritius An Unearthly Child
1967-02-26 Venezuela An Unearthly Child
1967-04-12 Sierra Leone An Unearthly Child
1967-04-13 Tunisia An Unearthly Child
1968-03-25 Mexico The Daleks?
1968------ Morocco An Unearthly Child
1968------ Saudi Arabia An Unearthly Child
1969-01-01? Iran An Unearthly Child
1969-01-05 Chile An Unearthly Child
1969------ Jordan An Unearthly Child
1969-12--- Libya An Unearthly Child
1970-10-22 Ethiopia An Unearthly Child
1971-06-08 Costa Rica An Unearthly Child
1972-08-21 United States Philadelphia Doctor Who and the Silurians
1972-09-15 United States Orlando Doctor Who and the Silurians
1972-09-23 United States Phoenix Inferno
1972-11-20 Guam
1973-06-04 United States Anchorage
1973-06-04 United States Washington, DC Doctor Who and the Silurians
1973-07-16 United States Jacksonville, FL Doctor Who and the Silurians
1973-09-08 United States Miami?
1973-09-21 United States Tucson Doctor Who and the Silurians
1973-09-22 United States San Francisco The Ambassadors of Death
1973-12-31 Algeria An Unearthly Child
1974-04-06 United States Iowa Public Television The Ambassadors of Death
1975------ United Arab Emirates Spearhead from Space
1975-06-30 United States Nebraska Television Network
1975-07-01 United States Los Angeles Doctor Who and the Silurians
1975-07-28 Netherlands Robot
1975-09-29 United States Chicago The Mutants
1975-10-22 United States Scranton Doctor Who and the Silurians
1976-01-05 United States Boston Doctor Who and the Silurians
1976-03-06 Philippines Doctor Who and the Silurians
1976-08-08 Brunei Day of the Daleks
1976-09-18 Canada (CKVU) Vancouver Day of the Daleks?
1976-09-18 Canada (TVO) Ontario The Three Doctors
1976-10-11 United States Rochester Doctor Who and the Silurians
1977-04-29 Saudi Arabia ARAMCO Doctor Who and the Silurians
1977-04-29 Lebanon Doctor Who and the Silurians
1977------ Qatar Spearhead from Space
1977-10-25 United States Buffalo Doctor Who and the Silurians
1977-11-06 Korea (South) The Daemons
1978-02-04 Swaziland Spearhead from Space
1978-03-03 Japan JCTV Doctor Who and the Silurians
1978-07-24 United States West Palm Beach The Hand of Fear
1978-08-28 United States New Bedford Robot
1978-09-04 United States Twin Cities
1978-09-11 United States Hampton Roads
1978-09-18 United States Houston
1978-09-18 United States Greensboro Robot?
1978-09-23 United States Milwaukee
1978-10-07 United States New York Robot?
1978-10-07 United States Oklahoma Educational Television Authority Robot
1978-11-05 United States Fresno Robot
1979------ Brazil? Robot?
1979-01-01 United States Pensacola
1979-03-05 United States Columbus, OH
1979-04-21 United States Harrisburg
1979-05-07 United States Miami
1979-05-07 United States Syracuse Robot
1979-06-08 Denmark Robot
1979-06-11 United States Kansas City Terror of the Zygons
1979-08-20 United States Baltimore
1979-09-10 United States Lexington Robot?
1979-10-23 Puerto Rico Robot?
1979------ United States West Virginia Public Broadcasting
1980-02-06 Italy Robot
1980-02-13 Colombia The Sontaran Experiment
1980-03-19 Ecuador Robot?
1980-07-08 Bangladesh Spearhead from Space
1980-08-06 Nicaragua Robot
1980-09-29 United States New Hampshire Public Television Robot
1980-10-06 United States Cleveland Robot
1980------ Guatemala Robot?
1980------ Honduras Robot?
1981-01-03 United States New Orleans Robot
1981-04-13 United States San Jose Robot?
1981-04-15 United States Redding, CA
1981-04-26 United States Denver Robot?
1981-04-30 Sri Lanka Spearhead from Space
1981-06-01 United States Hutchinson Robot?
1981-06-01 United States Mississippi Educational Television
1981-09-04 United States Athens, Ohio Terror of the Zygons
1981-11-21 United States Tampa Terror of the Zygons
1981-12-08 Bahrain Robot
1982-02-01 United States Urbana Robot
1982-05-03 United States Detroit Robot
1982-05-03 United States Louisiana Public Broadcasting Robot?
1982-07-18 United States Albany Robot
1982-10-04 United States Topeka Robot
1982-07-12 United States Durham
1982-07-17 United States Oregon Public Broadcasting Robot
1982-08-18 United States Tallahassee Robot
1982-10-10 United States Madison Robot
1982-10-11 United States Austin/San Antonio
1982-12-11 United States Connecticut Public Television Robot?
1983-01-02 United States St. Louis Robot
1983-05-09 United States Spokane
1983-06--- United States Carbondale
1983------ United States Peoria
1983-09-01 United States Salt Lake City The Stones of Blood
1983-09-05 United States Albuquerque Robot
1983-09-05 United States Knoxville Robot
1983-09-05 United States Portales Robot?
1983-09-19 United States Clearfield Robot?
1983-11-09 Monaco Robot
1983-11-23 United States Chattanooga The Five Doctors
1983-11-23 United States El Paso The Five Doctors
1983-11-23 United States Georgia Public Television The Five Doctors
1983-11-23 United States Lexington, TN The Five Doctors
1983-11-23 United States New Jersey Network The Five Doctors
1983-11-23 United States South Carolina Educational Television The Five Doctors
1984-02-18 United States Nashville Robot
1984-10-01 United States Lehigh Valley, PA Robot
1985-01-27 United States Bowling Green, OH
1985-05-04 United States Cincinnati Robot
1985-07-11 United States Akron Robot
1985-09-21 United States Alabama Robot
1985-11-02 United States East Lansing Robot
1985-12-05 United States Indianapolis The Five Doctors
1986-02-06 Malaysia Meglos
1986-03-15 Armed Forces Network Japan Robot
1986-06-26 Bahamas The Ark in Space?
1986-08-18 Taiwan Tom Baker 4-parter
1986-09-13 United States South Dakota Robot
1986-10-05 Yugoslavia Revenge of the Cybermen
1986-10-16 United States Pittsburgh The Five Doctors
1986-12-05 Greece Robot?
1987-02-14 Seychelles The Pirate Planet
1987-03-24 Super Channel Europe (Satellite) Robot
1988-02-22 Spain Robot
1988-03-19 United States Louisville
1988-06-09 Turkey Robot
1988-06-18 United States Flint/Tri-Cities The Three Doctors
1988-12-10 United States South Bend The Five Doctors
1989-02-04 United States Evansville Robot
1989-02-19 France Genesis of the Daleks
1989-06-07 Japan NHK Robot
1989-09-03 Canada (YTV) The Happiness Patrol/An Unearthly Child
1989-11-22 Germany Time and the Rani
1992-02-15 United States Dayton Robot?
1995-01-28 BBC Prime Europe (Satellite) Spearhead from Space
1996-08-24 Sweden Planet of the Spiders
1999-02-26 United States Gary Robot
1999-10-01 Ireland Spearhead from Space
2000-09-09 Czech Republic TV Movie
2001-11-05 Canada (BBC Kids) Robot
2002-04-20 Poland Robot?
2002-05-05 Uniseries South America (Cable) Tom Baker story
2008-03-03 TV4 Science Fiction Europe (Satellite) An Unearthly Child
2008-08-23 Sci-Fi Channel Europe Europe (Satellite) The Ark in Space