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Network: independent Channel(s): 17
First airing: 1972 Last airing: 1973


  • 21 August 1972: Doctor Who makes its television DEBUT in the United States. The first serial to air was Doctor Who and the Silurians.
    • This was only two months after the completion of season nine in the UK (with part six of The Time Monster on 24 June 1972).
    • WPHL did not purchase the full package, instead only taking the first nine stories (50 episodes), up to and including Day of the Daleks. (Time-Life's initial package offer was of the first 50 episodes only -- see United States--1972. The other stations to buy the series bought the full 72 episode package; WPHL was the only station that did not.)
  • 30 October 1972: The first run of the 50 episodes concludes.
  • 31 October 1972 - 26 May 1973: The series is repeated.
  • BBC paperwork indicates that WPHL bought four screening rights to the series, although it appears that it only used two of these. (It may have on-sold the unused rights to another station.)
Philadelphia Inquirer billing, 21 August 1972
Philadelphia Inquirer billing, Dr Who (Premiere), 21 August 1972
The Pottstown Mercury, 19 August 1972

Philadelphia Inquirer billing
Philadelphia Inquirer billing, TV Highlights, 21 August 1972