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The tiny Mediterranean Principality of MONACO is bordered with southern France and in close proximity to northern Italy.


Country Number (NK) 1983 THIRD WAVE
Region Europe
Television commenced 19 November 1954
Colour System 1973 PAL and SECAM
Population 1982 33,000
TV Sets 1984 17,200 (9,000 colour)
Language/s French, Italian Dubbed and/or Subtitled

Television Stations / Channels

Monaco began its own television service on 19 November 1954.

At the time there was just one television provider, Télé Monte Carlo (TMC), the oldest private TV station in Europe. The broadcaster operated one channel in French – channel 10.

Colour transmissions were introduced in 1973 using the SECAM colour broadcast system.

A second colour channel – channel 35 - was launched in 1974, using the PAL colour broadcast system. This Italian-language channel was set up specifically to rival the Italian PAL station, RAI.

In March 1982, RAI acquired a 10% ownership of channel 35. After the takeover, the channel's signals were no longer broadcast from Monaco; instead they were transmitted from Italy. The "new" station became known as Telemontecarlo – or just Montecarlo, while the Monaco-based French-language channel was still known by the original name, Télé Monte Carlo.

Some of the local stations in Italy carried the Telemontecarlo feed, and dual branded the channel with both station names, per this 1984 sample from Telenapoli (Channel 34) in Naples:

The fact that Doctor Who aired on the ex-Monaco, now-Italian based station in 1983 could be regarded as another repeat screening by RAI of Italy and therefore be covered on the profile for that country. However, for the sake of clarity, and for the fact that the World Radio Television Handbooks list channel 35 under "Monaco", BroaDWcast is treating the "Telemontecarlo" screenings separately, and thus given Monaco its own profile page.

Television transmissions from not only Italy but also France could be received, so viewers in Monaco could also have been able to see episodes of Doctor Who broadcast from the former in 1980 and 1981, and the latter in 1989.

The proliferation of satellite stations operating from the UK, such as BBC Prime and Super Channel, meant that Doctor Who (in English) could also have been available in Monaco from the early 1990s – refer to our coverage of these Cable and Satellite stations.

Also available were various European satellite stations - such as Luxembourg's RTL9 which aired the TV Movie.


The principal language of Monaco is French, although Italian and English are just as common. French and Italian television programming was provided on separate channels, one for each language.


Monaco was one of the first countries from the THIRD WAVE of sales to air the series. (See Selling Doctor Who.)

BBC Records

Monaco is not named in any of the principal BBC Records we have referred to.

However, since the "Monaco" broadcasts of Doctor Who were actually coming from Italy, it is very likely that the "sale" to Monaco is included in the sale to Italy – which the 1987 memo from The Eighties - THE LOST CHAPTERS records as "(9)" stories, although only seven aired. (See the profile on Italy for more on this anomaly.)

Stories bought and broadcast


The Sontaran Experiment, part one; 21 November 1983 – "… noted for his long scarf…"!

Seven stories, 26 episodes:

Code English Title eps Italian Title Translation
4A Robot 4 Robot Robot
4C The Ark in Space 4 Arca Spaziale Space Ark
4B The Sontaran Experiment 2 Esperimento Sontaran Experiment Sontaran
4D Revenge of the Cybermen 4 La Vendetta dei Ciberniani The Vendetta of the Cybermen
4H Planet of Evil 4 Il Pianeta del Male The Planet of Evil
4G Pyramids of Mars 4 Le Piramidi di Marte The Pyramids of Mars
4F Terror of the Zygons 4 La Sconfitta degli Zigoni The Defeat of the Zygons

The programme was supplied as PAL colour video tapes; these tapes were dubbed into Italian, and were supplied directly by RAI, who had used them from 1980 to 1981.



The TMC run started on Wednesday, 9 November 1983, at 6.10pm. Episodes aired on subsequent weekdays, then Monday to Friday, always at that time.

Like the 1981 screenings in Italy, Terror of the Zygons was for some unknown reason aired last in sequence.

The final new episode of Doctor Who was on Wednesday, 14 December 1983.

A run of repeats commenced the following day, still playing five days a week in the same 6.10pm slot.

The final repeat was on Friday, 20 January 1984. This span accounts for 27 dates. Presumably there was a single pre-emption, probably around Christmas or New Years, unfortunately, the archived newspapers we accessed did not print any TV listings for the period 19 to 30 December, so it is unclear which day it was Doctor Who didn't screen.

TV listings

Airdates in Monaco

First run TV listings have been obtained from the online newspaper archive for the Italian paper, La Stampa and Radiocorriere.

The series is always named as "Doctor Who". The term "Telefilm" is also used from time to time, and which means "TV series".

Revenge of the Cybermen, part two; 24 November 1983
Pyramids of Mars, part two; 6 December 1983

TeleMonteCarlo listing for Terror of the Zygons ep2, 12 December 1983
Generic billing for Italian station Telenapoli which was actually the TeleMontecarlo feed

The synopsis for The Sontaran Experiment part one, refers to the Doctor as a "Signore del tempo e dello spazio, scienziato galattico noto por la lunga sciarpa e la imprese mirabolanti", which translates as "A Lord of time and outer space, galactic scientist known for his long scarf and amazing feats …".

Some of the listings give the wrong episode number, for instance The Ark in Space part four, is instead billed as part one of The Sontaran Experiment; while part one of Revenge of the Cybermen is billed as The Sontaran Experiment, part four!

The 1984 repeat run info comes from the Corriere dei Piccolo, a children's magazine which features cartoon strips and articles about upcoming movies and TV shows, plus full week TV listings. There were no TV schedules in the last issue published for 1983, so the listings for the final two weeks of December 1983 are unknown. As noted above, the repeat run spans 27 dates, so there was presumably one day when Doctor Who didn't air; this was likely to be around Christmas or New Years.

The issue containing listings for 12-15 December 1983 had a small photo of Frederick Jaeger as Professor Sorenson from Planet of Evil. The caption (which translates as "Here comes Doctor Who") appears to indicate that he is "Doctor Who"! (The use of this photo is also not necessarily an indication that Planet of Evil was the first serial to be shown.)

"Here Comes Doctor Who" – except that's Professor Sorenson!; Corriere dei Piccolo, 18 Dec 1983
Listing from Corriere dei Piccolo, 18 Dec 1983