Resistance is Useless

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Resistance is Useless (aka A Doctor Who Retrospective) was a 30 minute documentary made by the BBC's Late Show.

It aired on BBC2 on Friday, 3 January 1992 at 6:50pm, as an introduction to a series of repeats (one story for each of the seven Doctors) playing on the channel from 3 January 1992 to 14 May 1993. (It was followed by the repeat of The Time Meddler part 1.)

It was hosted by the Brummie-accented faceless "Anorak" (voiced by Steve Steen), and featured lots of clips, including rare silent footage from The Daleks' Master Plan part 1 that was discovered by the Late Show team during the research phase of the production.

Foreign transmissions

United States from 1992
New Zealand Dec 93
TV4 SF Mar 09
  • Some of the US newspapers incorrectly described it as being an interview with Dalek creator Terry Nation, who did not even appear! (This error comes from a misreading of Lionheart's promotional material for the half-hour special which does refer to Nation in passing in the blurb text.)
Listing for the documentary in Florida Today, August 1992; note the incorrect synopsis

BBC2 Trailer

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