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The Doctor Who USA Tour Trailer leaves Elstree Studios, UK, to begin its voyage to the US...
Doctor Who USA Tour


Wisconsin State Journal, Sept. 14, 1986
  • October to December 1986: The Tour moves south through North Carolina and South Carolina with Jon Pertwee, who falls ill; he is accompanied by Paul Darrow and Michael Keating from Blakes 7 for part of the journey.


  • By early 1987, the Tour has been renamed the Doctor Who Celebration & Tour 87-88, with at least 36 States on its itinerary.
Map showing States and cities visited by the 87-88 leg of the tour
Doctor Who Celebration & Tour 87-88
Live from Atlanta, 7 March 1987

  • March 1987: The Tour heads north east.
    • 7 March 1987: Footage from Pertwee's visit aired with the Live from Atlanta TV "Special".
    • 26-27 March 1987: Anthony Ainley and Janet Fielding call in at Baltimore, Maryland.
    • 27-28 March 1987: Sylvester McCoy returns to the US, and joins the bus as it heads to Virginia.
  • March to May 1987: McCoy continues to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. John Nathan-Turner is picked up in New York. Janet Fielding joins in Ohio, while Sarah Sutton accompanies the tour through Pennsylvania and back through Ohio to Indiana.

  • July to August 1987
    • 2 July 1987: The Tour visits west Michigan; Janet Fielding makes an appearance at locally-sponsored events.
    • 4-5 July 1987: Heading north west, the Tour stops again at Chicago. (There are no guests during this leg of the tour.)
    • 9 July 1987: Sylvester McCoy returns, visiting Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
    • 25 July to 1 August 1987: Westbound, the Tour arrives in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa, now with Janet Fielding.

CLIP: USA TOUR in IOWA 1 August 1987

  • August to September 1987: The trailer heads west, stopping in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado with John Nathan-Turner onboard.
    • 5-9 September 1987: His work on season 24 completed, Sylvester McCoy rejoins the tour, and the trailer travels to Washington state, then south to Los Angeles, California.
  • September to October 1987: Jon Pertwee visits Portland, Oregon, then Sacramento (and possibly also San Jose?) in California.
  • October to November 1987: Heading east again, the bus passes through Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi with Pertwee for the latter leg.
  • 5-12 December 1987: The Tour moves through Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana; with Jon Pertwee at the last few stops.


  • Early 1988: The Tour moves north, taking Sylvester McCoy to Urbana, Illinois, and north to Maine.
  • Eventually, the bus heads towards the east coast again, where, after two years on the road, and having visited some 180+ locations, the Tour comes to an end.
  • The trailer itself is eventually returned to the UK - and left to rot in a junkyard...

For a more detailed summary of the various tour stops, dates, the guests travelling on the bus and admission prices, visit our dedicated page HERE.

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