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December 2014

  • 15 December: We've added some info on the American/Japanese animated and live-action versions of "Dr Who"...
  • 12 December: The first airings on KQED have been added.
  • 2 December: Update to Saudi Arabia: we've identified at least one of the stations that aired the William Hartnell stories circa 1968. UPDATE! We've since updated the update to update something that needed updating.

November 2014

  • 23 November: Happy 51st Anniversary! We have updated the Bicycling Chains page, adding an introduction, which explains some of the "clues" that lead to our selections, as well as a hypothesis as to what happened to all those film prints in 1974...

October 2014

  • 4 October: We've added coverage of the second Peter Cushing Dalek film to the Singapore profile.

September 2014

  • 28 September: A further repeat run in 1981 of Tom Baker stories in Chile has been found.
  • 18 September: Doctor Who was broadcast for the first time on a foreign TV station 50 years ago today - on channel 3 in Christchurch, New Zealand...
  • 6 September: Big update to Oregon.
  • 5 September: Why does Iowa like Doctor Who so much? Lea A Donovan answers that question in the New Statesman, with some help from BroaDWcast.

August 2014

  • 26 August: Update to The Web of Fear page to analyse the "Copy B" notation on the Nigerian film print.

June 2014

May 2014

  • 5 May: A general revision of Brunei (did the Tom Baker tapes come from New Zealand?), and an adjustment to some of the listings for that country in the Tom Baker story profiles, where we had the year down as 1984 when it was 1983!
  • 4 May: Update to Japan to incorporate some screen grabs from the 1993 screening of Genesis of the Daleks; the two principal voice artists have also been identified.
  • 4 May: Ooops!. The wrong file was updated for France and the Airdates in France table. . Now fixed!
  • 3 May: Update to France and the Airdates in France table to record some of the story titles that have been identified by date, and pictures of the actors who dubbed for the Doctors in the TV Movie!

April 2014

  • 28 April: We have discovered that WGBX in Boston was the first and only US station to air season 10 and 11 Jon Pertwee serials in 1977, some six years ahead of the rest of the country. This was (presumably) a one-off direct deal between WGBX and the BBC, rather than through the US distributor Time Life, and which was timed to take advantage of the same group of stories being offered to the Canadian stations, CKVU and TV Ontario..
  • 22 April: We are pleased to present an interview with Eddie Montague, who in his capacity as an editor at the BBC, was responsible for creating the "Music and Effects" only tracks that were later utilised in the creation of the Spanish and Arabic dubs for the William Hartnell episodes. (Thanks to Paul Hayes.)
  • 21 April: The THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO archive has moved to a new location. TWIDW was founded in 1998 by Benjamin F. Elliott and ran until 2011.

March 2014

  • 30 March: We are now certain that Doctor Who didn't screen in Ghana until after March 1966. Profile and Airdates table updated accordingly.


  • 8 March: The Philippines TV listings had some strange photos that were clearly not from Doctor Who: has one of them been identified?
  • 7 March: We've updated the Armed Forces Network page, and added a new page for the Taiwan Prints that were found last year. This new page will likely get an overhaul once more information about the origin of those ten episodes is known.
  • 2 March: We've added some frame-grabs of the title captions from the French version of the TV Movie.

February 2014

  • 28 February: Big update to OETA.
  • 10 February: We've updated several sections on the Sierra Leone profile page to clarify the situation regarding Broadcasting House and which of the TV station buildings was damaged in 1999.
  • 3 February: In early 1981, DWM claimed that Doctor Who was considered "a comedy" in Turkey. We now know why...

January 2014

  • 8 January: I wish to make it clear to our readers that the "Is This the List of Found Episodes?" that was sent (anonymously?) to and published by Doctor Who Archive / Worldwide in November last year is NOT the text designed to prank hackers / snoopers that was 'hidden' in the source code in July. Nor is it the "placeholder text" that was also 'hidden' elsewhere on the site circa March.
  • That "List" is clearly a fake designed to look like it was extracted from the Bicycling Chains source code. But it lacks the correct templates, formatting and layout coding required for this MediaWiki to function. Without the correct coding, text like that would be rendered a jumbled nonsensical mess -- as displayed HERE. There are also two sentences that contain phrasing which does not comply with the house-style adopted for the site.
  • The distinction between the "placeholder" text (held since March 2013) and the "hacker / snooper prank" (added in July) has become muddied somewhat, and that is probably where much of the confusion lies.
  • 3 January: Happy New Year! Tom Baker attended the Science Fiction Festival in Rotterdam in March 1976, which was covered by the press in the Netherlands.

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