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Story Code: 5M / Season 17 UK Airdate: unfinished Doctor: Tom Baker
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Russian edition of Shada novelisation

Due to on-going union disputes at the BBC, this 6-part serial was never completed and did not air on TV in early 1980.

Some clips were later used in The Five Doctors in November 1983.

All the surviving location footage and studio recordings plus specially-filmed to-camera linking narration by Tom Baker was released on VHS video in 1992.

A limited-movement "flash animation" adaptation with a newly-recorded soundtrack (by Big Finish Productions, using different actors in most of the main roles - i.e. this new version featured Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor) was released one episode per week on the BBCi website from 2 May to 6 June 2003. The full soundtrack of this version was also released on CD by Big Finish.

  • The full webcast itself is no longer available, but some of the supporting behind the scenes material can still be accessed on BBCi's website:



"Shada: The Lost Episode"
  • The story was officially reconstructed using full animation to replace all the missing material (but edited into an omnibus rather than 6 episodes) and released as a digital download, DVD and Blu-ray in 2017.
  • 19 July 2018: BBC America aired the animated omnibus restoration at 8pm. It was given the title "Doctor Who: The Lost Episode" in some press coverage and online listings.
  • The animated reconstruction was re-edited into a 6-part episodic version for the Season 17 Blu-ray box set, released in 2021.