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Doctor Who has not been shown on terrestrial television in HUNGARY, but signals from Yugoslavia may have been received when it was seen there in 1986. Also, BBC Prime was available from 1995.

The New Series was shown from 2006, with the title "Ki Vagy, Doki?" ("Who Are You, Doctor?").

Classic Doctor Who was, however, available in other forms:


The 1996 TV Movie was released on VHS by MCA/Universal/CIC Video and (UIP) Dunafilm in 1997. The dubbed soundtracks were recorded at Videovox Studio Ltd; Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann were both voiced by Péter Haás Vander.

If you have a copy of the VHS cover please contact us!


In January 1993, Android published a translated edition of Marc Platt's seventh Doctor New Adventures novel Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible under the title Új Doctor Who Kalandok: Az Idö Fogságában, which translates as New Doctor Who Adventures: In the Captivity of Time.

(The cover artwork painted by Tim White was not a new piece, and had previously appeared on a 1978 printing of Frank Herbert's 1968 novel "The Santaroga Barrier"!)

Új Doctor Who Kalandok: Az Idö Fogságában (Time's Crucible)
The Santaroga Barrier
Shada and City of Death

Gabo published two of the new novelisations based on Douglas Adams scripts:

Translated editions of various New Series and Torchwood books were also published by Gabo.

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