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The Fifth Doctor (1982-1984)

Selling the fifth Doctor

  • See the table in SELLING DOCTOR WHO for a list of the countries that screened the Fifth Doctor.

The Davison series was sold in two "Groups" of stories.

Click on the story title to go to the list of (known) countries where that serial was screened.


5Z Castrovalva 4
5W Four to Doomsday 4
5Y Kinda 4
5X The Visitation 4
6A Black Orchid 2
6B Earthshock 4
6C Time-Flight 4
6E Arc of Infinity 4
6D Snakedance 4
6F Mawdryn Undead 4
  • Mawdryn Undead was the "cut-off" point for sales to New Zealand and the Netherlands, presumably because the ten serials offered a package of 38 episodes, one shy of the industry standard of 39.


6G Terminus 4
6H Enlightenment 4
6J The King's Demons 2
6K The Five Doctors* 1
6L Warriors of the Deep 4
6M The Awakening 2
6N Frontios 4
6P Resurrection of the Daleks (2/4)
6Q Planet of Fire 4
6R The Caves of Androzani 4
  • (*) Although we've included it with Group B, The Five Doctors was generally sold on its own, or not at all: several countries that bought the Peter Davison serials were not offered the 20th anniversary story.
  • The Five Doctors was often skipped during repeat runs due to copyright issues with the Daleks.
  • Although only ten (known) countries bought Peter Davison stories, by no means should this incarnation be classed as being unsuccessful as far as sales go; indeed, each sale to a PBS station in the USA was virtually the equivalent of a sale to another country. And there were nearly 200 US stations screening Doctor Who by the late 1980s. Think about it...