Prairie Public Television

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More information about Prairie Public Television can be found at the Doctor Who Cuttings Archive
Prairie Public Television
Network: PBS Channel(s): various
First airing: Last airing: 1992

1992-03 In the Public Eye p5.jpg

Prairie Public Television is a network of PBS stations that broadcast to all of North Dakota, with extended coverage into portions of Northwest Minnesota, Eastern Montana, and parts of northern South Dakota.

There is also limited availability in southern Saskatchewan (see also CPN in Canada). A cable service was also available in parts of the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, and northwestern Ontario.

The Five Doctors and Snakedance on Prairie Public TV, 21 November 1987
In the Public Eye, Mar. 1989

In the Public Eye, Jan. 1991
In the Public Eye, July 1991
In the Public Eye, Oct. 1991
In the Public Eye, Mar, 1992