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1984 ID
Arkansas Educational Television Network
Network: PBS Channel(s): see below
First airing: 1983 Last airing: 1988


pledge break, December 1985

AETN also covered Shreveport and Texarkana.

  • 2 October 1983: Tom Baker stories begin with compilations Sundays at 10am and weekdays at 6pm.
  • 23 November 1983: The Five Doctors airs.
  • 11 March 1984: The Five Doctors airs as part of Futurefest. Doctor Who regularly aired during Futurefest pledge breaks.
  • 30 May 1984: The Peter Davison stories commence.
  • July 1984: One episode of Terminus was broadcast in black & white while KAFT's color transmitter was down.
  • 5-10 September 1984: AETN originally schedules The Twin Dilemma to screen on these dates to conclude the Season 21 run, but stations have been instructed by Lionheart to hold off showing Colin Baker's debut story until season 22 is released in 1985. AETN instead airs the 4-part version of The Five Doctors.
  • 18 March 1985: The Creature from the Pit part 3 is shown by mistake. Part 2 airs the next night.
  • 22 August 1985: The complete package of Jon Pertwee stories begins, but The Daemons is skipped.
  • 26 January 1986: The Tom Baker stories return.
  • 7 July 1986: The weekday episodes move to 10pm.
  • 29 September 1986: The weekday airings end with part 3 of Warriors' Gate.
  • 7-8 November 1987: The travelling Doctor Who USA Tour with Jon Pertwee visits the AETN studios.
  • 2 April 1988: The Sunday slot moves to Saturday at 10pm.
  • January-February 1988: For the 25th anniversary, the following stories were shown as omnibuses one per week (Saturdays, at 10pm) in the spring: An Unearthly Child (the only William Hartnell story to air), The Krotons (the only Patrick Troughton story to air), The Three Doctors, Logopolis, The Five Doctors, and then Time and the Rani (the only Sylvester McCoy story to air).
  • 12 March 1988: AETN claimed during their pledge breaks to be among the first American stations to Time and the Rani. [Ed. note: they probably were the first]
  • 24 September 1988: The series ends.

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