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This page will list UPDATES and NEW pages added.

We would very much like BroaDWcast to also function as an index to Doctor Who clips on YouTube, especially USA pledge-breaks, convention footage and any foreign language clips. If you already know of or stumble across any, please send us the link.

  • And don't forget, clicking on the AIRDATES Airdates icon icon on the country profile pages will take you to the airdates summary for that country (N/S = story title is Not Stated)
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2022 Updates

  • Were you in an American fan club? Help compile a list here.


  • 11 November: We've added a page for streaming site Roku.


  • 28 October: The airdates table for KVIE is complete.
  • 26 October: Did Doctor Who screen in Indonesia in the late 1990s? One semi-reliable source says it did, but we have our doubts...
  • 8 October: Small updates to KVIE and KIXE.



  • 3 June: Update to Germany to record the new repeats on channel One, and to update recent and forthcoming home media releases - including the newly-dubbed Peter Cushing Dalek films which have never before been available in Germany.


  • 30 March: Update to KCPT. Its schedule was confusing and sources contradict each other.


Previous Updates