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Generic listing, Tampa Tribune, May 1995
Network: PBS Channel(s): 16
First airing: 1995 Last airing:

  • 7 January 1995: The series begins, Saturday nights at 11:30.
  • 27 May 1995: One of the editors of this site recalls glimpsing part of The Sun Makers late at night on a TV in the registration hall while attending a SF convention in Palm Harbor, Florida (north of Tampa) that weekend.
  • March 1996: Episodes airing Saturdays and Sundays at 11pm.
  • 13 April 1996: Sylvester McCoy appears during this evening's pledge break.
  • 12 April 1997: Return to Devil's End airs.
  • 12 July 1997: Aired The Mutants at 11pm.