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More information about WMVS can be found at the Doctor Who Cuttings Archive
Network: PBS Channel(s): 10
First airing: 1983 Last airing:


Fine Tuning, August 1983
Fine Tuning, January 1984
  • 25 March 1983: Begins airing the Tom Baker stories, Friday nights at 10:30 with a Saturday afternoon repeat at 2:00.
  • 9 October 1983: The series moves to Sunday mornings at 9:00.
  • 23 November 1983: The Five Doctors airs. Milwaukee-area viewers with RVS or Viacom cable systems could have watched the anniversary special at 7:00 on WHA, 9:00 on WMVS, and 10:30 on WTTW.
  • 4 February 1984: The series moves to Saturday nights at 8:00.
  • 6 October 1985: The series moves to Sundays at 5pm. The last two time changes were requested by viewers.
  • 11 January 1987: The Colin Baker stories air.
  • 1 March 1987: The 17 repackaged William Hartnell stories begin.
  • 30 August 1987: The 24 repackaged Jon Pertwee stories begin airing.
  • 2 October 1987: One last move, to Fridays at 10pm.
  • 26 February 1988: Doctor Who go off the air for 11 months, returning on WMVS's sister station, WMVT.
  • 18 June 2016: A full run of the Jon Pertwee stories (but not Day of the Daleks) airs on 10.1 and 36.2 - either as an omnibus, or just two episodes back to back, Saturdays, usually at 11pm. These are cycled through twice.
  • 7 October 2017: The Tom Baker stories air; 4-parters are shown as omnibuses, while 6-parters are split in half, with parts 1-3 shown one week, then 4-6 the following week. These are cycled through three times during 2018 and into 2020...
  • From January 2021: "Tom Baker Movies" are showing...
  • In October 2021 the repeats come to an end - Warriors' Gate is the last story to screen, on 9 October.
TV Guide, Apr. 8, 1983
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Fine Tuning, March 1984
plot descriptions from The Milwaukee Journal