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Network: PBS Channel(s): 3
First airing: 1981 Last airing: 1991 or 1992


  • 21 November 1981: Premiered, Saturdays at 8pm. Stories would air out of sequence, usually the order in which the station received the tapes.
  • 21 August 1982: Ron Katz, president of the Doctor Who Fan Club of America is in studio for a pledge break while Underworld and The Seeds of Doom air.
  • 20 August 1983: The Peter Davison stories begin.
  • 7 November 1983: The series is now also shown weeknights at 11pm.
  • 23 November 1983: The Five Doctors airs.
  • 20 April 1984: The Invasion of Time 4 is preempted by a power failure at the station. The episode aired the next night.
  • 18 March 1985: The reissued package of 24 Jon Pertwee stories begin.
  • 23 September 1985: The Patrick Troughton stories begin.
  • 1991: The repackaged 24 Jon Pertwee stories aired again around this time.
  • circa 1991/2: The Saturday screenings were eventually dropped altogether. By that time the Bakers had been recycled at least three times, the Pertwees and Davisons twice, before the series was eventually dropped.
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