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Network: Channel(s): P5
First airing: 1978 Last airing: 1979?



QUBE was an experimental two-way, interactive cable television system, launched in Columbus, Ohio, on 1 December 1977. It was owned by Warner Communications, who later acquired Time Inc, which owned Time-Life Films which distributed Doctor Who in the USA!

Doctor Who appeared on channel P5 ("Better Living"). Users were charged 50¢ per episode in addition to the $10.95 per month subscription for the QUBE service. Each episode screened two or three times during the day, and on weekends an entire serial was often played in full.

QUBE was the final US television 'station' to screen a selection from the original run of Jon Pertwee episodes (and as such, may have been broadcasting from the original Time-Life master tapes?).

(Airdates come from the Ohio edition of OnQUBE, the station's monthly listings magazine (see clippings below). It is unknown whether the other cities in Ohio where QUBE was available had the exact same schedule.)

(Immediately, after their final airing, the tapes of Inferno may have been sent across the border to Canada; BBC Toronto then dispatched them to Vancouver, where they were shown by CKVU only a week later...)

OnQUBE, Feb 1978
OnQUBE, March 1978
OnQUBE, April 1978

OnQUBE, May 1978
OnQUBE,July 1978
OnQUBE, Aug. 1978
OnQUBE, Jan 1979