Planet of Giants

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Story Code: J / Season 2 UK Airdate: 31 Oct to 14 Nov 1964 Doctor: William Hartnell
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This story aired in the following countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Regional listings for the three episodes when they played in Auckland (the last of the four NZ regions to air the serial); New Zealand Herald, 5,12,19 July 1968 (For what it's worth, this broadcast of "Crisis" is the earliest episode of Doctor Who that one of the editors of this site remembers seeing!)
Australia Nov 65 b/w
Singapore Feb 66 b/w
Gibraltar Feb 66 b/w
Malta Mar 66 b/w
Aden Apr 66 b/w
Nigeria May 66 b/w
Rhodesia / Zimbabwe Jul 66 b/w
Zambia Aug 66 b/w
Trinidad & Tobago Aug 66 b/w
Uganda Nov 66 b/w
Jamaica Dec 66 b/w
Barbados Feb 67 b/w
Hong Kong Mar 67 b/w
Kenya Apr 67 b/w
Thailand Sep 67 b/w
Tunisia Sep 67 b/w
Mauritius Dec 67 b/w
Venezuela Feb 68 b/w
New Zealand Mar 68 b/w
Sierra Leone Mar 68 b/w
Mexico May 68? b/w
Morocco 68? b/w
Saudi Arabia 68/69? b/w
Chile Aug 69 b/w
Iran Oct 69 b/w
Jordan 69? b/w
Libya Mar 70? b/w
Ethiopia Aug 71 b/w
Costa Rica Jan 72 b/w
Algeria Jan 74 b/w
  • In mid-1967, New Zealand was sent the prints that had been used by the ABC in Australia.
  • The New Zealand prints were destroyed on 14 July 1971.
  • All three episodes with the Arabic soundtrack exist, and featured on the DVD of this story.
  • A Spanish dub of part three is held by a collector, who acquired it circa 1973. This may have been returned from Costa Rica.
  • See Hartnell Junkings


  • The serial was reissued by the BBC in late 1985, and sold to:
United States from Sep 85 b/w
Canada Oct 89 b/w

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: Planet of Giants

  • Episode 1: The Doctor emerges from the Tardis to find that he is only one-inch tall.
  • Episode 2: (no plot description)
  • Episode 3: (no plot description)
  • Compilation: The Doctor emerges from the Tardis to find that he is only one-inch tall. But this small inconvenience doesn't interfere with his efforts to keep an unprincipled manufacturer from distributing a dangerous insecticide.