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TV Guide, Oklahoma City edition, March 21, 1987

Doctor Who Who's Who was a New Jersey Network documentary hosted by Eric Luskin. It contained footage of Tom Baker on stage taken during the 11-12 February 1984 Creation Convention held in Philadelphia, plus other interview material conducted at other Creation conventions, and similar events.

It was first broadcast by NJN on Saturday, 20 April 1985 at 7.30pm, with repeats on Saturdays, 28 June 1986, 20 August 1988, and 19 August 1989.

The special aired on numerous PBS stations over the next few years, such as on KTEH on 9 November 1986, 20 March 1987 and 20 August 1988, and Maryland's MPT on 26 August 1989. It also aired in the UK, on 22 September 1990 during BSB's Doctor Who weekend.

Extended and re-edited interview material featured on the 1985 video, The Home Whovian.

The special was later released in the UK as a Reeltime Pictures VHS in 2001, with a DVD edition - paired with Doctor Who Then & Now - in 2004.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune, 30 November 1986
New York Times listing for NJN, 28 June 1986
Doctor Who Who's Who 2001 UK video slick