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  • 1 December 1979: Tom Baker, Graham Williams and Terrance Dicks attend the first ever US Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles.
  • 1-2 March 1980: Ian Marter and Elisabeth Sladen guest at the Who 1 convention in Los Angeles.
  • A full account of the History of Doctor Who Fandom in Los Angeles can be read HERE.
Print advert for the "Who 1" convention (Santa- Ana Register, 29 Feb 1980)
LA Herald Examiner report on Who 1 convention, 9 March 1980

Los Angeles Metro

LA Metro.JPG
  • On the tiles decorating the 7th Street / Metro Center station of the Los Angeles Metro underground train system can be found a number of very familiar creatures: a Menoptra (The Web Planet); Koquillion (The Rescue), and two Peter Cushing movie Daleks - these and all the other images on the tiled mural have been drawn from photos found in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

Doctor Who aired in Los Angeles on these stations: