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An Interview With... was a series of specials produced by KTEH Channel 54 in San Jose, California, between 1983 and 1987. The hosts/interviewers were George Sampson and Terry Phillips. Each interview was aired several times by the channel up until 2003.

The interviewees included Patrick Troughton (1986); Jon Pertwee (1984); Tom Baker (first broadcast in November 1983); Peter Davison (1987); Colin Baker (1985); Sylvester McCoy (there were two: the first in 1987 and a follow-up in 1989); Terry Nation (1987) (sometimes billed as "A Conversation with Terry Nation") and John Nathan-Turner (1984).

Non Doctor Who interviewees included Paul Darrow (Blake's 7) (1987):

KTEH ad promoting their interview with John Nathan-Turner on 24 August 1984

Patrick Troughton

Jon Pertwee

Tom Baker, part 1

Tom Baker, part 2

Tom Baker, part 3

Peter Davison, part 1

Peter Davison, part 2

Colin Baker

Sylvester McCoy

Terry Nation, part 1

Terry Nation, part 2

Paul Darrow, part 1

Paul Darrow, part 2