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TAIWAN is an island off the east coast of China.


Country Number (58?) 1986 THIRD WAVE
Region Australasia/Asia
Television commenced 1962
Colour System 1969 NTSC
Population 1987 19.4 million
TV Sets 1987 6 million (incl. 5.3 million colour)
Language/s Chinese (Mandarin) and English (Subtitled into Traditional Chinese)

Television Stations / Channels

Taiwan began its television service in 1962.

There are three major television broadcasters: Doctor Who aired on Taiwan Television Service (TTV).


The principal language of Taiwan is Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Programmes were broadcast in English or dubbed into Mandarin with Traditional Chinese subtitles for Cantonese viewers. Doctor Who aired in English with subtitles.


Taiwan was approximately the 58th country to screen the series, and one of the last countries in Australasia/Asia (see Selling Doctor Who).

Peter Cushing and the Daleks?

The Dalek films were shown in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in the late 1960s and early to mid-1970s, and possibly also in mainland China around that same time. It's therefore likely that one or both played in theatres in Taiwan as well.

BBC Records

Unidentified first episode, 18 August 1986
TV Highlights: State of Decay part one, 22 September 1986
Revenge of the Cybermen, part one, 3 November 1986
TV Highlights: Revenge of the Cybermen
TV Highlights: Genesis of the Daleks – in four parts
Unidentifed 4 parter, 12 August 1987

The Eighties - THE LOST CHAPTERS records a sale of "(6)" stories (by 10 February 1987). Only five serials have been accounted for.

Taiwan is not identified in any of the DWM Archives.

Stories bought and broadcast


Five (identified) stories, 20 (identified) episodes:

? Unidentified 4 parter 4
5P State of Decay 4
4D Revenge of the Cybermen 4
4E Genesis of the Daleks (*) 4
? Unidentified 4 parter 4

(*) It's possible the story that aired was actually Destiny of the Daleks

Taiwan therefore bought an assortment from GROUPs A and G of the Tom Baker stories.

The programme was supplied as NTSC colour video tapes with English soundtracks.



Episodes were broadcast in English, with Chinese subtitles.

The series started on Monday, 18 August 1986, at 3.30pm. The listings merely state the programme was in "(English)". It is not known what the first 4-part serial was. The 8 September episode was pre-empted by a Variety Show.

The 20 October episode of the second serial was identified as being State of Decay Part IV. The following week, Revenge of the Cybermen commenced. On 24 November, Genesis of the Daleks started; this was advertised as being a four-parter. Was this a re-edit of the special two part (2 x 45 minutes) version that had been created by the BBC for the 1982 Doctor Who and the Monsters repeat? Or was it that they had ordered and purchased Genesis of the Daleks but were instead sent the 4-part Destiny of the Daleks?

The fifth serial screened eight months later, from Wednesday, 12 August 1987, with all episodes starting at 3.57pm: no title was given so it is not known what the four-parter was. The final episode aired on 2 September 1987.

As noted above, The Eighties stated that six serials had been sold to Taiwan by February 1987. Airdates for the sixth serial were not located. (Of course it's possible the 1987 memo was inaccurate.)

TV listings

Airdates in Taiwan

TV listings have been obtained from the newspaper China News, an English-language newspaper. The paper says that Doctor Who is broadcast "in English, with Chinese subtitles".

The paper carried basic listings in the main daily page. For the first seven episodes, the listing usually just said "Dr Who" or "Film: Dr Who (English)" or similar variants. It wasn't until the eighth episode that a title was given: State of Decay. Unusually, the episode numbers were always identified in Roman numerals – Part I, II, III, IV.

The newspaper also sometimes had a "TV Highlights" section, in which story titles and/or brief synopses were often given. There was no Highlights section to identify the four 1987 episodes.

Papers for most of 1982, 1983, 1984, and all of 1985 to 1987 were checked; December 1987 to March 1988 were not available, so it's possible that the unaccounted for sixth serial aired on its own during the date ranges that have not been checked.

Taiwan Prints?

In 2013 and 2014, ten black and white film prints of Doctor Who were apparently located in Taiwan -- see the Taiwan Prints page for more info.


A set of seven Target books reprinted in 2016 (with white covers) was distributed through Dunhuang Publishing House / Caves Books in Taipei; the company was a specialist publisher, importing books to help readers learn English: