Frontier in Space

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Story Code: QQQ / Season 10 UK Airdate: 24 Feb to 31 Mar 1973 Doctor: Jon Pertwee
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This story aired in the following known countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Turkish edition of "Planet of the Apes" novel, using part of Chris Achilleos' artwork for the Target novelisation of Frontier in Space
Australia Oct 73 b/w
Singapore Feb 74 b/w
Hong Kong May 74 b/w
United Arab Emirates 74 or 75 PAL
Brunei Oct 76 PAL
Gibraltar Apr 77 b/w
Saudi Arabia 78? b/w
  • The story may have been dubbed into Arabic.
  • Full PAL colour copies of the serial were sent to Australia along with b/w prints in mid-1973 (contrary to some reports, the video tape of part five did not have the alternative Delaware version of the theme music). The ABC planned to screen the story in b/w in late 1973, with the repeat in colour in 1975. However, the repeat aired a year early, and in b/w. The unused colour tapes went into storage and, basically, were forgotten about...
  • Meanwhile at the BBC in London, soon after the 1974 sale to United Arab Emirates, the PAL tapes of parts 1, 2, 3 and 6 were wiped.
  • When New Zealand purchased PAL colour Pertwees in 1974/75, the NZBC was incorrectly informed by the BBC that the serial was no longer available in that format.
  • When the Jon Pertwee stories were offered to them in late 1976, Brunei TV liaised with the BBC's Sydney office for the supply of tape copies of the full colour season 9, 10 and 11 episodes, and they duly made copies - including Frontier in Space. (Tapes of Death to the Daleks were supplied by the NZBC, possibly because the only available tapes, those held by the ABC tapes, were edited.)
  • In early 1983, the ABC in Australia bought a repeat run of the colour Pertwees via BBC Sydney. The colour tapes were again retrieved from storage. It was at this stage that BBC Enterprises in London learned of the existence of the tapes, and arranged to have copies shipped to them. The BBC's archive selector Steve Bryant then found out about the tapes, and also arranged for copies to be sent to him for the archive.
  • The tapes were subsequently sent to London, but too late for them to be converted into NTSC and included in the package of full colour stories that had just been sold for syndication in the United States.


  • It was released again in early 1985, as part of a package of all 24 Jon Pertwee stories, and sold to:
United States from Mar 85 NTSC
New Zealand Apr 86 PAL
Canada May 90 NTSC

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: Frontier in Space

  • Episode 1: The Tardis materializes in the hold of a spaceship under attack by the Ogrons.
  • Episode 2: The Doctor and Jo are accused of being Draconian spies.
  • Episode 3: The Doctor is imprisoned on the moon, where he encounters his old nemesis The Master.
  • Episode 4: The Master rescues the Doctor and Jo from his lunar jail only to imprison them on his spaceship.
  • Episode 5: The Doctor and the Master plead their cases before the Draconian Emperor.
  • Episode 6: The Doctor devises a daring plan to rescue Jo from the Ogrons.
  • Compilation: The Doctor has to intervene when the Ogrons, aided by his archenemies The Master and the Daleks, mount an attack against Earth.