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Four countries in this region screened Doctor Who in the 1960s:

With the Dominican Republic being a possible fifth.

Celestial Toyroom, September 1985: Sale to Caribbean news

From 21-24 July 1985, BBC Enterprises staged a three-day television sales festival at the Cable Beach Hotel in Nassau, the Bahamas, for Caribbean programme buyers, at which it sold Doctor Who to nine countries, part of a package worth a quarter of a million pounds (as was reported in the DWAS news-zine Celestial Toyroom, September 1985 issue).

Of those nine, only the following have been identified with confirmed post-1985 airdates:

The papers 1985 onwards for one obvious candidate - Jamaica - have been checked, but there were no listings for Doctor Who.

Newspapers for other nations in the region have also been checked (such as Dominica), but many didn't have TV listings, or the relevant date range wasn't available. In all likelihood, the other Caribbean countries that bought Doctor Who at this time would have been those with English as an official language.

But the problem there is that there simply aren't nine countries in the Caribbean where English is the principal language.

It's possible that the description "the Caribbean" included those Central and South American countries that have coasts on the Caribbean Sea, such as:

Of those, post-1985 airdates have been found for Colombia only.

It's possible the reported "sales" were only "indications of interest", and actual sales never eventuated…

The Caribbean in Doctor Who

Generic references to the Caribbean have featured in the following stories: