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CITV (1996)

Channel Profile

CITV was an independent television station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, transmitting on Channel 13, and via cable Channel 8.

It was the first TV station to air the 1996 TV Movie.

Stories bought and broadcast

Edmonton Journal, 12 May 1996
Who-Ville, Lethbridge Herald, 12 May 1996


One movie, 84 minutes:

TVM TV Movie 1


TV listings

The 1996 TV Movie (which had been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia earlier that year) had its WORLDWIDE DEBUT on CITV in Edmonton, Alberta, on Sunday, 12 May 1996, at 10.00pm, Canadian Mountain Time. This was two days ahead of the US screening on the Fox network, and 14 days ahead of its UK broadcast. This is the first and so far only time that Doctor Who has premiered in Canada.

(The movie played two days later on CHCH (Channel 11), Hamilton, Ontario, on Tuesday, 14 May 1996, at 9.00pm, Canadian Eastern Time.)

Channel 11 trailer

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