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Tom Baker's premiere
Network: PBS Channel(s): 12
First airing: 1981 Last airing: 1989


Tiger? Where?
  • 3 January 1981: The Tom Baker stories begin.
  • 1981: The Companions of Doctor Who fan club is established.
  • 31 October 1981: Trick or treat-- After a complete run, Doctor Who is rested after this night's airing.
  • 8 May 1982: Doctor Who returns with, for no apparent reason, Image of the Fendahl.
  • 23 November 1983: The Five Doctors airs.
  • 1986: WYES produced They All Axed for Who, a special centered around the July 1985 North American Time Festival.
  • 5 December 1986: Doctor Who's Who's Who airs at 11:10pm.
  • 6 December 1986: The Friday slot moves to Saturdays at 10:pm and begins with the William Hartnell stories.
  • 26 May 1989: Doctor Who ends.
WYES airs the legendary three-part episode "The Sontaran Experience"
Doctor Who is "rested." At least it was for "The Avengers."
New Orleans Magazine, Mar. 1988


WYES Doctor Who promo, Jan. 15, 1981