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TV Guide, Sept. 8, 1973
Network: ABC Channel(s): 10
First airing: Last airing:

  • 8 and 15 September 1973: Billings appear in the TV Guide and several Florida newspapers for these two Saturdays. The start time is given as 1pm, but the publications don't all agree on the end time - some say 1.30pm, but others have 2.00pm. No other billings can be found, despite WPLG appearing in BBC Records as one of the first stations to buy the initial package of 13 Jon Pertwee stories by November 1972. It's more than likely that WPLG did plan to show the series starting from 8 September, but those plans changed, and the 72 episode run was replaced at the last hour and never rescheduled.
Miami Herald, 2 Sep. 1973