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WNBC (Channel 4) is a NBC affiliate in New York.

  • 23 February 1969: WNBC screened the first PETER CUSHING / DALEK movie at 11.30pm, as part of its Sunday Film Festival line-up; this was the first time the movie had been shown on TV in New York.
  • July 1972: Both Peter Cushing Dalek movies were shown this month as part of a week-long horror / monster movie marathon - "Dr Who and the Daleks" on Tuesday and "Invasion Earth 2150 AD" (the shortened title that US TV stations had adopted for the film) on Thursday, both starting at 4pm.
  • 22 February 1975: The two movies were again shown on Saturday, commencing at 2:30am.
TV Guide 22-28 February 1969
Both films screened in July 1972