The Time Warrior

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Story Code: UUU / Season 11 UK Airdate: 15 Dec 1973 to 5 Jan 1974 Doctor: Jon Pertwee
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This story aired in the following known countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Courier, Waterloo Iowa, 8 November 1992
Australia Mar 75 PAL
United Arab Emirates 75 PAL
Hong Kong May 75 PAL
New Zealand Nov 75 PAL
Brunei Dec 76 PAL
Canada Feb 77 NTSC
Gibraltar Jul 77 b/w
United States Aug 77 NTSC
Swaziland Feb 79 PAL
Malta Jun 79 PAL
Sierra Leone 79 or 82? PAL
Sri Lanka Jun 81 PAL
Saudi Arabia Nov 81 PAL
  • This story was telerecorded as a black and white film print for foreign sales, however only one country aired the serial in that format.
  • The ABC in Australia received the black and white films by July 1974 (when they were viewed by the censor), but they subsequently acquired PAL colour tapes in time for the commencement of colour broadcasts in March 1975.
  • The unused films were sent to Gibraltar in mid-1977. The films were returned to the BBC in 1978; they are currently held in private hands.
  • The serial aired in Boston only; the rest of the United States did not get the serial until the 1983 re-issue. This appears to have been a special one-off deal struck between WGBX and the BBC that was in addition to the standard Time-Life deal that was available elsewhere. (The BBC took the opportunity to also sell the serial to Canadian stations TVO and CKVU at the same time, presumably to cover the costs of having NTSC conversions made.)


US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: Time Warrior

  • Episode 1: An alien spaceship crash-lands near a medieval castle.
  • Episode 2: Trapped in the Middle Ages, Doctor Who tracks the missing scientists and falls into the clutches of Linx (sic).
  • Episode 3: Armed with his new-found arsenal, Irongron attacks Sir Edward's castle.
  • Episode 4: As Lynx's spaceship prepares to depart, Doctor Who leads an attack on Irongron's fortress.
  • Compilation: The crash-landing of an alien spaceship begins an adventure that traps Doctor Who and Sarah in the Middle Ages.