The Moonbase

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Story Code: HH / Season 4 UK Airdate: 11 Feb to 4 Mar 1967 Doctor: Patrick Troughton
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This story aired in the following six countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Discarded film can for The Moonbase episode three - NZBC sticker (with thanks to Graham Howard)
Discarded film can for The Moonbase episode three - BBC Enterprises sticker (with thanks to Graham Howard)
Australia Oct 67 b/w
Uganda Nov 68 b/w
Singapore Apr 69 b/w
Hong Kong May 69 b/w
New Zealand Dec 69 b/w
Zambia Jun 70 b/w
  • Singapore may have sent its films to Hong Kong.
  • The ABC in Australia returned its prints to the BBC on 4 June 1975.
  • The BBC held a print of part 4 in 1976. This copy may have been the one returned from Australia in 1975, or it was the print returned by Zambia -- but see below.
  • A 16mm print of part two was returned to the BBC sometime during 1977 or early 1978. (It wasn't held in 1976 when the Whose Doctor Who documentary was being produced.) This may have been the junked Australia print or from Zambia.
  • A second print of part four was found in the possession of a film collector in the early 1980s. The "Next Week: The Macra Terror" caption was missing. This other print may have been the one returned from Australia, since The Celestial Toymaker part 4 that was returned from Australia was also missing its "Next Episode" caption. If so, then the print already held since 1976 must be from Zambia.
  • The empty film can for the NZBC's print of part three (which was junked in late 1974) was found in a New Zealand film storage facility in 1989.
  • By that tally, that's all three prints of part 4 accounted for...
  • See also the Troughton Junkings page.


  • The two missing episodes were animated, and the story was released on DVD in 2014.
  • From December 2019, the animated reconstruction was available on UK BritBox.