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Channel 30 (independent)

  • The 6 July 1979 issue of Back Stage reported the sale of the Tom Baker stories. However no airdates can be found in 1979.
  • The station is also listed in the August 1981 Celestial Toyroom, North American edition as having bought the first 98 episodes from Lionheart.


More information about KETC can be found at the Doctor Who Cuttings Archive
Network: PBS Channel(s): 9
First airing: 1983 Last airing: 1995

The Dial, Dec. 1984
The Dial, Sept. 1984
Nine magazine, Sept. 1986
Stl magazine, March 1995 (PB = pledge break)

TARDISCON '86 flier, front
TARDISCON '86 flier, back

TV Guide, Jan. 2, 1983
KCET ad 1986.jpg