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BBC Repeats

This page and airdates table covers only the REPEATS that aired on the BBC channels. (The first run airdates for each Doctor Who serial are shown on the individual Story List pages.)

Doctor Who was repeated episodically or in compilations - sometimes during themed 'seasons', such as "The Five Faces of Doctor Who" - on BBC / BBC1, BBC2, and BBC4 (which always played its repeats during themed "Nights"). The Airdates table here is for those three channels only.

Other repeats on the BBC-owned cable and satellite stations, and digital channels are covered on their own dedicated pages:

Other UK-based non-BBC cable and satellite stations are linked HERE.

27 December 1974 Planet of the Spiders compilation trailer
1981 Five Faces of Doctor Who ident

Five Faces / The Monster listings examples from the Guardian and Observer
1982 Doctor Who and the Monsters ident
1999 Doctor Who Night ident

Radio Times cover and preview for the Doctor Who Night, 13 November 1999

Radio Times billing for The Daemons 1-3 repeat during the BBC4 "Archaeology Night", 21 October 2007
Radio Times billing for The Daleks 1-3, repeated on BBC4, from 5-9 April 2008 as a tribute to Verity Lambert

Airdates in the UK (BBC repeats)

The BBC in Doctor Who

The BBC exists in the Doctor Who fictional universe:

  • Vicki tuned-in the Time Space Visualiser to "BBC One" to see a 1965 broadcast of "the fabulous Beatles" performing Ticket to Ride (The Chase)
  • Real-world BBC newsreader Kenneth Kendall appeared as himself on a television screen in The War Machines (although the station itself wasn't named)
  • A camera crew from the "BBC 3" programme "The Passing Parade" broadcast live from Devil's End (The Daemons)
  • Real-world BBC presenter Alex Macintosh appeared as himself in Day of the Daleks, although the TV station he represented wasn't named
  • The Master watches an episode of the BBC series Clangers on a colour TV in The Sea Devils (although the station itself is not identified)
  • Ace has two Blue Peter badges pinned to her jacket
  • While in London 1963, Ace turns on the TV in the guest house and just misses a "BBC television" presenter announcing the start of "a new science fiction series..." (Remembrance of the Daleks)