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This page will list UPDATES and NEW pages added.

We would very much like BroaDWcast to also function as an index to Doctor Who clips on YouTube, especially USA pledge-breaks, convention footage and any foreign language clips. If you already know of or stumble across any, please send us the link.

  • And don't forget, clicking on the AIRDATES Airdates icon icon on the country profile pages will take you to the airdates summary for that country (N/S = story title is Not Stated)
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  • 17 October: The French-dub of the TV Movie aired several times on Canada's French-language station Ztélé in the late 2000s.


  • ADDENDA: 17 Sept: A further update to the Japan profile to clarify how the Pertwees were distributed.
  • 16 September: Major update to Japan: we had previously recorded that a run of Tom Baker stories had screened in 1993 - but it turns out that those were repeats, and the first time the episodes aired was in 1989. The identity of which nine serials aired is now known.


  • 17 August: We've added a New Profile for Israel: the second Peter Cushing Dalek movie was shown there.
  • 12 August: Basic information for KUAC added.


  • 25 July: Update to France; more on "Club Dorothee", plus clipping which gives a better idea of what the broadcast order was
  • 19 July: We've fully revised the Nigeria profile and Airdates pages to fix a number of factual errors, but to mainly add a lot of new information, such as:
    • Maps of the early days of TV in the country
    • Why RKTV went off the air for two months in 1966
    • Where and where did the Patrick Troughton stories screen?
    • Details about the NTA Zones, and additional screening dates
    • Who or what was "The Son of Dr Who?"?
  • 1 July: It's Canada Day! To celebrate, we have fully revised and updated the SPACE cable station profile and airdates pages, with full details of what was shown and when.



  • 20 May: Update to the pages for France to include the La Nuit Doctor Who evening from 2012.



  • 21 March: 98 countries simulcast the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor on 23 November 2013.
  • 14 March: Updates to Malta to add some new TV clippings.
  • 9 March: Updates to Nebraska Educational Television Network
  • 3 March: A small amendment to the Guam pages; it looks like the series was originally scheduled to start a few months earlier than it ultimately did, and the true debut was also a week earlier than the date we had it.
  • 2 March: Update to Jamaica to include Peter Cushing and the Daleks at the cinema, and some of the TV Dalek stories appear to been shown out of sequence.


  • BroaDWcast turned nine this month! To celebrate, we've added a new page for a country that never showed the series! But classic Doctor Who was available in South Africa in other forms ...


  • 21 January: The (brief) complete run in South Dakota is added
  • 11 January: Some of the documentaries and dramas made by Reeltime Pictures and BBV Productions have been shown on US and UK television. We have added new profiles for these two production companies. (And if anyone can confirm that the "PROBE" dramas did indeed screen on the UK Sci-Fi Channel, please drop us a line!)

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