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Network: CBS Channel(s): 9
First airing: 1973 Last airing:


  • December 1972: The debut screening of the Jon Pertwee stories is listed in the Washington Evening Star TV guide for the week starting Monday 4 December 1972, screening weekdays at 4.00pm. The synopsis in the HIGHLIGHTS section of the paper suggests that the first serial was The Mind of Evil. However, despite being listed in that same time slot Monday through Friday, Doctor Who was not listed the following week. Nor the week after that – in fact, it wasn't listed again until June 1973! It seems that the series had been scheduled to start in December 1972, but for whatever reason it was pulled at the last moment.
  • 4 June 1973: The Jon Pertwee stories finally begin airing, weekdays at 4.00pm, often following coverage of the Watergate Hearings.
TV Highlights, 4 December 1972
TV listing, 4 December 1972
Washington Post, 4 June 1973
first episode, 4 June 1973