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'''Channel 32 (Independent)'''
'''Channel 32 (Independent)'''

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Channel 32 (Independent)

  • 1965: WFLD's Program Director Cliff Braun auditions episodes of Doctor Who that were on offer to US stations via the BBC's New York offices (see United States--1965-1969), however despite Braun being keen on the series, no sale eventuated.
  • 13-18 April 1969: The first Peter Cushing movie, "Dr Who and the Daleks" airs at 2.30pm on Sunday, with a repeat at 8.00pm each night that week.
Dr Who and the Daleks, April 1969
Dr Who and the Daleks, April 1969

  • 14 May 1996: Now a Fox station, WFLD airs the TV movie.