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Sci-Fi Channel flyer
  • 1994: More and more PBS stations do not renew their contracts. New Hampshire's WENH in Durham is the last station in New England to still be airing the series, eventually dropping it in June of 1994.
  • 1995-96: Production on the TV Movie commences.

SYLVESTER McCOY (continued)


TV Movie, 84 minutes:

TVM The TV Movie 1
  • 14 May 1996: The TV Movie screens as the FOX TUESDAY NIGHT MOVIE.
  • The TV Movie was to have been repeated on 31 December 1996, but it was pulled at the eleventh hour.

Beyond 1998...

  • By the turn of the millennium, sales of Doctor Who had all but dried up, and by 2001, Doctor Who had all but faded from television screens in America...