The Web Planet

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Story Code: N / Season 2 UK Airdate: 13 Feb to 20 Mar 1965 Doctor: William Hartnell
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This story aired in the following countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Australia Feb 66 b/w
Gibraltar May 66 b/w
Singapore Jul 66 b/w
Nigeria Sep 66 b/w
Zambia Nov 66 b/w
Barbados May 67 b/w
Mauritius Nov 67 b/w
Mexico Apr 68? b/w
Sierra Leone Jun 68 b/w
Venezuela Nov 68 b/w
Dominican Republic 68 b/w
Jamaica Feb 69 b/w
Iran 69 b/w
Chile Nov 69 b/w
Ethiopia Nov 71 b/w
Nigeria (again) Apr 73? b/w

  • Only serials A to L were dubbed for the Arabic language.
  • In the Spanish dub, the Animus spoke with a male voice, whereas in the original English, it was female'.
  • In the Spanish edition of part six, the "Next Episode" was given as "EL LION" to match the caption - and yet The Crusade did not screen in any Spanish-language countries.
  • The film of part six that the BBC retained until 1984 had a different "Next Episode" caption that read "THE SPACE MUSEUM". It was thought that this change was done because The Crusade was not sold to Muslin countries, due to the story's content and subject matter. But since serials after The Rescue were not dubbed into Arabic, and The Crusade was not sold outside of the Commonwealth, the caption must have been changed for other reasons...
  • The BBC was still offering The Web Planet, The Space Museum, The Time Meddler and Galaxy 4 for sale as late as 1974. We therefore think that the BBC had amended the caption at that point, to reflect that The Space Museum was now the next serial after The Web Planet in terms of the package that was available. (On that basis, the "Next Episode" captions for the last installments of the other serials would also have been amended accordingly... All we need to do is find one to be sure!)
  • A complete print of part six with the original caption was recovered from Nigeria in the mid-1980s; Nigeria had bought the serial in 1966, but a different broadcaster picked up the serial again in 1973.
  • The newly-recovered serial was made available to the United States from September 1985 as a NTSC conversion. Canada screened the serial in the 1990s. Sweden also later aired the serial in the early 2000s.