The Daleks

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Story Code: B / Season 1 UK Airdate: 21 Dec 1963 to 1 Feb 1964 Doctor: William Hartnell
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We have called this story by this title rather than "The Mutants", the one by which the BBC actively marketed the serial in 1964, to avoid confusion with the Jon Pertwee serial of the same name.

This story aired in the following countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Listing for The Daleks episode 1; Rhodesia Herald, 24 October 1965
KCPT Program Guide, Sept. 1986
New Zealand Oct 64 b/w
Australia Feb 65 b/w
Canada Feb 65 b/w
Singapore May 65 b/w
Gibraltar May 65 b/w
Malta Jun 65 b/w
Aden Aug 65 b/w
Nigeria Aug 65 b/w
Rhodesia / Zimbabwe Oct 65 b/w
Zambia Nov 65 b/w
Trinidad & Tobago Nov 65 b/w
Bermuda Jan 66 b/w
Uganda Feb 66 b/w
Jamaica Mar 66 b/w
Cyprus Apr 66 b/w
Ghana Apr? 66 b/w
Barbados May 66 b/w
Hong Kong May 66 b/w
Kenya Jul 66 b/w
Thailand Sep 66 b/w
Mauritius Nov 66 b/w
Venezuela Mar 67 b/w
Tunisia Apr 67 b/w
Sierra Leone May 67 b/w
Mexico Mar 68? b/w
Morocco 68? b/w
Saudi Arabia 68? b/w
Iran Jan 69? b/w
Chile Feb 69 b/w
Jordan 69? b/w
Libya Dec 69? b/w
Ethiopia Nov 70 b/w
Costa Rica Jul 71 b/w
Algeria Jan 74 b/w
  • New Zealand sent its prints to Denmark in 1968, but the serial did not play there.
  • It has been reported that Cyprus sent its prints to Uganda - and yet, Uganda screened the serial two months before Cyprus! Or was Uganda merely an intermediary in the bicycling process, receiving and sending on the films without screening them? (See Bicycling Chains for more on this...)
  • A print of part 5 was located in private hands in early 2004; the collector had acquired the film from the BBC circa late 1972. That it was in English suggests it may have been returned recently Ethiopia, where the series had completed its run in April 1972. However, it could also have been a spare copy held by the BBC.
  • A print of part 7 was sold on eBay in February 2018. This had the original BBC leader (displaying the date of 27-2-64 indicating the film-recording negative was made four weeks after broadcast) which strongly supports it being a genuine original 1960s' suppressed-field print and not a dupe made in the 1980s.

US TV Guide descriptions (1960s Hartnells on CBC)

More Information

  • Episode 1: Dr. Who lands his rocket on a distant planet and finds that all the vegetation has been petrified.
  • Episode 2: Dr. Who and his friends find themselves at the mercy of the Daleks, the only survivors of a neutron war.
  • Episode 3: Dr. Who, Susan and their reluctant passengers escape from the Daleks.
  • Episode 4: In their escape from the Daleks, the earthlings panic, and lose an important part of their equipment.
  • Episode 5: Dr. Who and his friends ask the Thals to help them attack the Daleks.
  • Episode 6: Ian enters the caves leading to the ciy of the Daleks.
  • Episode 7: Dr. Who attempts to bribe the Daleks.


  • The serial was reissued by the BBC in late 1985, and sold to:
United States from Sep 85 b/w
  • Newspapers occasionally referred to this serial as Day of the Daleks.
  • The serial was dubbed into Italian and released as part of a DVD box-set in 2007.
  • The story was later dubbed into German and released on DVD. A subtitled DVD was also issued in Brazil.

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: The Daleks

  • Episode 1: The Doctor arrives on the planet Skaro, where a group of humans known as the Thals is menaced by the evil Daleks.
  • Episode 2: (no plot description)
  • Episode 3: (no plot description)
  • Episode 4: (no plot description)
  • Episode 5: (no plot description)
  • Episode 6: (no plot description)
  • Episode 7: (no plot description)
  • Compilation: The Doctor arrives on the planet Skaro, where a group of humans known as the Thals is menaced by the evil Daleks.