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TV4 Science Fiction logo

TV4 Science Fiction is a satellite and cable television channel dedicated to the SF genre owned by TV4 AB. Based in Sweden, it was launched on 29 February 2008, and was available in:

Both TV4 Science Fiction and MTV3 Scifi closed down in August 2012.

Stories Bought and Broadcast

TV4 SF screened all the available serials of the first seven Doctors, and aired them in production rather than story order.

They also showed the two Peter Cushing Dalek movies.

But there were rights issues with some of the TV Dalek stories, which mean that The Daleks, Genesis of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks were not shown.

The episodes were all simulcast on the Finnish station MTV3 Scifi.

Later during the run, the series was simulcast on the Norwegian station, TV 2 Science Fiction.


Episodes usually screened several times daily, first in the early evening, then just after midnight, then again around 3.00am the following morning.

The first episode was An Unearthly Child on Monday, 3 March 2008. The Daleks was not included in the line-up.

The Patrick Troughton era commenced on Wednesday 16 April 2008, with The Tomb of the Cybermen.

Jon Pertwee debuted on Friday, 9 May 2008. The stories aired in production order. Planet of the Daleks and Invasion of the Dinosaurs aired in full, i.e. with black and white episodes.

Robot part 1 aired on Thursday, 7 August 2008. All the Tom Baker stories aired (albeit without Genesis of the Daleks, which was not included) in production order, which made for some odd continuity regarding Adric when it came to season 18!

The Peter Davison stories also aired in production order, so Four to Doomsday was first, from Wednesday, 3 December 2008, and Castrovalva aired fourth. The Five Doctors aired, but Resurrection of the Daleks was skipped.

Colin Baker arrived on Tuesday, 20 January 2009. The Season 22 stories aired in their 45 minute versions.

The seventh Doctor debuted on Friday, 20 February 2009. Remembrance of the Daleks was not shown, and the remaining Sylvester McCoy stories were screened in production order, which meant Ghost Light was last, with part three airing 19 March 2009.

The two Peter Cushing Daleks movies were shown several times throughout 2009, usually a day apart.

The short documentary Resistance is Useless was shown in 19 March 2009, ahead of the return of the William Hartnell stories later that same day.

The stories were all cycled through again, although the entire Pertwee era was skipped!

From April 2009 until December 2011, TV4 SF was simulcast with the Norwegian station TV2 Science Fiction.

This repeat cycle ended on 11 September 2011.

This was followed by the Davison, Colin Baker and McCoy eras again (although some season 19 Davisons were skipped). These three Doctors only were then cycled through again several times again, concluding with Ghost Light part three and another showing of Resistance is Useless on Monday, 18 June 2012.

From January 2010, the series was also showing on another Swedish channel, TV4 Guld (TV4 Gold).

Two months later, in August 2012, both TV4 Science Fiction and MTV3 Scifi closed down.


Full listings for TV4 SF and MTV3 SF are recorded in the This Week in Doctor Who site, and general info on TV4 and TV4 Guld are on a fan-site: