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SWITZERLAND is in central Europe.


Billy Smart's Circus, with Jon Pertwee, televised in Switzerland on 7 January 1974

As far as we know, Doctor Who did not screen on any local Swiss television stations in the period that we cover in BroaDWcast.

In the late 1980s, British satellite channels such as Super Channel and BBC Prime, both of which aired Doctor Who (see Cable and Satellite), may have been available in the country.

Peter Cushing

The first Peter Cushing Dalek movie, "Dr Who and the Daleks" screened at the Nord Sud cinema in Geneva in August 1968.

Items of Interest

The circus special, "Billy Smart's Circus", featuring Jon Pertwee in the Whomobile, was shown on the French-language Télévision Suisse Romande (TVR) station on Monday, 7 January 1974.

Switzerland in Doctor Who

  • International Space Command HQ was in Geneva (The Tenth Planet)
  • UNIT HQ was also based in Geneva.