Spearhead from Space

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Story Code: AAA / Season 7 UK Airdate: 3 Jan to 24 Jan 1970 Doctor: Jon Pertwee
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This story aired in the following known countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Chicago Tribune, 7 December 1986
Australia Jul 71 b/w
Singapore Sep 71 b/w
Hong Kong Nov 71 b/w
Gibraltar Nov 72 b/w
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 74 colour
New Zealand Mar 75 b/w
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) 76 colour
Qatar 77, 78 or 79? b/w or colour
Lebanon Aug 77 b/w
Swaziland Feb 78 colour
Saudi Arabia 78? b/w
Malta Apr 79 colour
Sierra Leone 79 or 82? colour
Bangladesh Jul 80 b/w or colour
Sri Lanka Apr 81 colour
  • Note: the story was made on 16mm colour film. All the countries known to have aired it in colour broadcast in the PAL format, so the serial was either supplied on colour film, or had been converted into PAL and transferred onto tape.
  • The story may have been dubbed into Arabic.
  • It had two separate screenings in the United Arab Emirates, so we have listed it twice.
  • Australia aired the serial in colour for the first time in a May 1978 repeat. The serial was supplied by the BBC on colour film.
  • Bangladesh was the last to screen it in black and white; however they may have got a set of colour copies from Australia following the colour repeat on the ABC in May 1979.
  • The New Zealand prints of this story (supplied to them from Australia in late 1974) were junked in 1984.


  • It was released as part of a package of all 24 Jon Pertwee stories, and sold to New Zealand, where it aired for the first time in colour in Apr 1985, and:
United States Dec 84 NTSC
Canada Jan 90 NTSC
Ireland Oct 99 PAL
  • The copy of part 2 that was supplied to the US was an alternative edit: in one of the film inserts of dolls on a conveyor belt there is a brief cut-a-way shot of doll's shoes. This extra footage doesn't appear in any other known TV edit, but does appear in the 1988 VHS release.

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: Spearhead from Space

  • Episode 1: Dr. Who battles aliens who plan to take over the earth by replacing key government officials.
  • Episode 2: A horrible discovery is made at the plastics factory.
  • Episode 3: The Doctor discovers that the metorite contains an alien life form.
  • Episode 4: The Doctor must foil the Autons' plan to rule the Earth by impersonating government officials.
  • Compilation: Dr. Who battles aliens who plan to take over the earth by replacing key government officials.