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The Second Doctor (1966-1969)

Selling the second Doctor

The Troughton series was sold in five "Groups" of stories.

Click on the story title to go to the list of (known) countries where that serial was screened.


EE The Power of the Daleks 6
  • Only three countries were able to screen this serial, due to an agreement with Dalek creator, Terry Nation...


FF The Highlanders 4
GG The Underwater Menace 4
HH The Moonbase 4
JJ The Macra Terror 4
KK The Faceless Ones 6
  • This Group was sold to the same six Commonwealth countries.


LL The Evil of the Daleks 7
MM The Tomb of the Cybermen 4
  • Only four countries aired these two serials.


NN The Abominable Snowmen 6
OO The Ice Warriors 6
PP The Enemy of the World 6
QQ The Web of Fear 6
RR Fury from the Deep 6
SS The Wheel in Space 6
  • Only seven Commonwealth countries tapped into this Group.


TT The Dominators 5
UU The Mind Robber 5
VV The Invasion 8
WW The Krotons 4


XX The Seeds of Death 6
YY The Space Pirates 6
ZZ The War Games 10
  • Groups E and F were seen by only 'four countries in the early 1970s.



Troughton repackaged

In early 1985, the BBC reissued the surviving five Troughton stories, mainly for the United States market, but with Australia and New Zealand initially picking up only The Mind Robber and The Krotons. Canada also later purchased this batch.

TT The Dominators 5
UU The Mind Robber 5
WW The Krotons 4
XX The Seeds of Death 6
ZZ The War Games 10