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THE NEW SERIES (2005 to ????)

BroaDWcast documents the foreign transmissions of the original series (the first eight Doctors), from 1964 to the turn of the millennium. The relaunch of the series in March 2005 brought a whole slew of new sales to old and new foreign broadcasters, many of whom pre-purchased the series for 2005 transmission.

Many others picked up the series in 2006 and later years. The task of cataloguing all of these screenings is too daunting to even consider at this stage, however much of the groundwork and research has been done by Benjamin F Elliott, and posted to his THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO online column.

We have however created a 'sortable' table recording the known countries that have aired the new series, with the debut airdates given where known.

For a more detailed analysis of these transmissions, please refer to the THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO MARCH 2005 INDEX.

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Country Airdate Broadcaster/s
UK 2005-03-26 BBC
Argentina 2006-06--- People+Arts
Australia 2005-05-21 ABC1, UKTV
Austria 2008-01-26 Pro 7
Belgium 2005-11-26 Één, La Deux (dubbed in French)
Brazil 2006-01-19 People+Arts
Bulgaria 2006-11-10 AXN Sci Fi, Diema 2 - note: AXN Sci Fi Broadcasts Doctor Who for 5 more countries at the same time
Canada 2005-04-05 CBC, later Ztélé (dubbed in French), Space
Chile 2006—06--- People+Arts
Croatia 2008------ Croatian Radiotelevision
Czech Republic 2006-11-10 AXN Sci-Fi
Denmark 2006-06-27 Danmarks Radio, TV2
Finland 2006-09-10 YLE TV2, MTV3 Scifi
France 2005-11-05 France 4
Germany 2008-01-26 ProSieben - [new series S01-02], Syfy) - [Reruns of the new series], Fox Channel - [new series S05-present])
Greece 2006-12-26 Skai TV
Guatemala 2006-06--- BBC Entertainment
Hong Kong 2006-02-19 ATV World, BBC Entertainment
Hungary 2006-08-26 AXN Sci Fi, RTL Klub
Iceland 2008-06--- RÚV
India 2008------ BBC Entertainment
Ireland 2007-05-05 TV3
Israel 2006-01-20 Yes Stars Action HD, BBC Entertainment, Yes SCI FI
Italy 2005-11-11 Rai 4 and Jimmy (new series), Rai 1 (classic series)), La7, Bonsai TV (IPTV channel)
Japan 2006-09-10 NHK BS2
South Korea 2005-06-05 KBS2 (dubbed in Korean), Fox and BBC Entertainment (subtitled in Korean)
Malaysia 2006-05--- Astro Network
Mexico 2006-06--- BBC Entertainment, Televisión Mexiquense
Netherlands 2006-06-10 Syfy Universal
New Zealand 2005-07-07 Prime TV, UKTV
Norway 2005-09-28 NRK
Philippines ????------ Studio 23
Poland 2006-10-01 TVP1, AXN, AXN Sci Fi, BBC Entertainment
Portugal 2006-01-19 SIC Radical, BBC Entertainment, SyFy
Romania 2006-11-10 TVR, AXN Sci Fi
Russia 2006-03-27 STS TV
Serbia 2010------ B92
Singapore ????------ BBC Entertainment
Slovenia 2010------ RTV Slovenia
South Africa 2008------ BBC Entertainment
Spain 2006-01-19 Sci Fi Channel and Boing (dubbed in Spanish), TV3, 3XL and BBC Entertainment (dubbed in Catalan), ETB 1 (dubbed in Basque), Telemadrid (dubbed in Spanish)
Sweden 2007-03-08 BBC Entertainment, BBC Knowledge, TV4 Science fiction, Kanal 9, TV4 Guld
Switzerland 2008------ Pro 7
Taiwan 2010------ CTS
Thailand 2007--01-- Channel 7
Turkey 2007------ Cine5, CNBC-e, e2
Ukraine 2008------ ICTV (in 2008), QTV (in 2010)
United Arab Emirates 2005-12-22 Dubai 33
United States 2006-03-17 Syfy (first run and repeats of Series 1 - 4), BBC America (first run of 2009/2010 specials and Series 5 - 6, repeats of all Series), and PBS (repeats of pre-2005 Series)
Middle East 2005-12-22 Style UK (part of Showtime Arabia) for Middle-Eastern, North Africa and Levant areas
Vietnam 2011------ Vietnamese Broadcasting Company