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'''Doctor Who''' aired in these cities, on these channels:
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===[[wikipedia:Maine Public Broadcasting Network|Maine Public Broadcasting Network]]===
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[[File:MaineTV86.JPG|thumb|right|250px|The Web Planet, Maine TV, 13 September 1986 (TV Guide)]]
'''Network (PBS)''', including:
'''[[wikipedia:WMEB-TV|WMEB]]/WMEG, Channel 12''' ([[wikipedia:Orono, Maine|Orono]]) and '''[[wikipedia:WMEA-TV|WMEA]], Channel 26''' ([[wikipedia:Biddeford, Maine|Biddeford]])
*The series aired weekly on Saturdays, early evenings, usually at 6.00pm:
*'''Early 1980s''': The [[Tom Baker stories]] aired. For instance:
**'''8 September 1984''': [[The Face of Evil]] screens, at 6.00 to 7.30pm
**'''5 January 1985''': [[Destiny of the Daleks]] airs.
* By '''late 1985''' the [[Peter Davison stories]] are screening:
**'''8 March 1986''': [[Mawdryn Undead]] screens.
*'''Mid 1986''': The channel airs the 17 repackaged [[William Hartnell stories]]:
**'''13 September 1986''': [[The Web Planet]] screens, 6.00 to 8.30pm.
*'''1987''': The 24 repackaged [[Jon Pertwee stories]] screen. For instance:
**'''11 April 1987''': [[Frontier in Space]] aired.
*'''1 October 1988''': An unnamed omnibus aired from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.
*'''July 1989''': A viewer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, [[Canada]], recalls seeing [[The War Games]] (in two parts) and [[Spearhead from Space]] in '''July 1989''', on consecutive weeks, at 5:00 or 6:00pm. (In all likelihood, these were broadcasts from MPBC, which did indeed extend to Nova Scotia, and which was screening the Troughton and Pertwees at that time.)
*'''9 September 1989''': An unnamed omnibus aired from 5:00pm to 6:30pm (presumably a Jon Pertwee story).
*'''Late 1990s''': The last episode was [[Survival]] until the late 1990s when [[Tom Baker stories]] were shown.
==[[wikipedia:Lewiston, Maine|Lewiston]] / Augusta / Auburn==
'''Channel 10 (PBS)'''
*'''1980s''': The series aired in omnibus form, Saturdays initially at 9:00pm, then later from 10:00pm.
*The [[Tom Baker stories]] aired a number of times, followed by the [[Peter Davison stories]], which also aired a few times over. For instance on:
**'''13 September 1986''': [[Destiny of the Daleks]] omnibus aired, 9.00 to 10.30pm.
*From 1986, the package of 24 reissued [[Jon Pertwee stories]], 17 reissued [[William Hartnell]] and five [[Patrick Troughton stories]] aired once.
*'''1987-1989''': The [[Tom Baker stories]] were recycled again, now at the later time of 10:00pm:
**'''1 October 1988''': [[The Invisible Enemy]] omnibus airs, 10.00 to 11.30pm.
*The [[Colin Baker]] stories played in the late 1980s, back on at 9:00pm:
**'''9 September 1989''': [[The Trial of a Time Lord]], parts one to four, screen, 9.00 to 10.30pm.
*'''1990-1991''': The series is still screening.
*'''1992''': WCBB became part of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.
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