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Welcome to BroaDWcast, a comprehensive online guide to the
foreign airdates and worldwide transmissions of classic era Doctor Who.


Over the years, the BBC has claimed that "Doctor Who has been seen by 110 million viewers in 60 countries around the world".

But what are those 60 countries? When did Doctor Who screen? What stories were broadcast, and what stories weren't? How many stories made their foreign debut in Australia? How many debuted in the United States? And do any of those 110 million viewers have a copy of missing story Marco Polo?

BroaDWcast answers those questions - except for the bit about Marco Polo.

In these pages, you will find:

  • Profiles on over 80 countries where classic Doctor Who aired
  • Foreign language episode titles
  • Translations of some of the Arabic narrations
  • Checklists of the official BBC Records that have been researched
  • Images of TV listings pages from foreign newspapers and magazines
    • Clicking on the AIRDATES Airdates icon icon on the country profile pages will take you to the airdates summary for that country (N/S = means that the story title is Not Stated in the newspaper listing)
  • and much, much more!

The emphasis of BroaDWcast is on terrestrial over cable or satellite broadcasts of the "Classic Era" of Doctor Who - that's the first eight Doctors, from 1963 to 1996. The new series – 2005 to date – will have to be another project for another time.

However, Benjamin F Elliott's online guide to THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO is currently archived, and as a place-holder we have compiled our own list of countries known to have aired the new series since 2005.

The BroaDWcast Team

  • Jon Preddle (research, writer, editor and design)
  • John Lavalie (research, writer, editor and design)
  • Steven Warren Hill (design and web-host)
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Your help is needed

BroaDWcast is still very much a work in progress. So do keep an eye on the What's New page for updates.

As with any research of this nature, there are gaps in the information - and perhaps even errors. If you can assist us in any way by filling in any of the gaps, or if you've got additional information, such as foreign newspaper articles, clippings, copies of TV listings, or sales literature that we can use, or if you spot something that is wrong or you just disagree with, please drop us a line at:


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