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|style=white-space:nowrap|Dec. 1, 1979||[[Los Angeles]]||California||||||Terrance Dicks, Tom Baker, Graham Williams||
|style=white-space:nowrap|Dec. 1, 1979||[[Los Angeles]]||California||||||Terrance Dicks, Tom Baker, Graham Williams||Baker and Williams showed up unexpectedly; the studio sessions for Shada had just been cancelled and they had nothing else to do that weekend
|style=white-space:nowrap|Mar. 1-2, 1980||[[Los Angeles]]||California||Hyatt Regency||||Ian Marter, Elisabeth Sladen||
|style=white-space:nowrap|Mar. 1-2, 1980||[[Los Angeles]]||California||Hyatt Regency||||Ian Marter, Elisabeth Sladen||

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date city state venue name guests notes
Dec. 1, 1979 Los Angeles California Terrance Dicks, Tom Baker, Graham Williams Baker and Williams showed up unexpectedly; the studio sessions for Shada had just been cancelled and they had nothing else to do that weekend
Mar. 1-2, 1980 Los Angeles California Hyatt Regency Ian Marter, Elisabeth Sladen
Aug. 14-16, 1981 Tulsa Oklahoma Camelot Hotel Panopticon West Tom Baker & Lalla Ward, Peter Davison (1st con), Sandra Dickinson, John Nathan-Turner (1st con) Guests are only there on the 16th. Videos shown include The Edge of Destruction, The Rescue, An Unearthly Child 1
Sept. 7-8, 1981 Chicago Illinois Creation Peter Davison
early 1982 Florida John Nathan-Turner
July 16-18, 1982 Chicago Illinois Americana Congress Panopticon West II John Nathan-Turner, Sarah Sutton, Elisabeth Sladen, Terry Nation, Anthony Ainley 3,000 attendees, Nathan-Turner announced pre-sale of three seasons of Peter Davison, Once Upon a Time Lord was filmed, Season 19 shown in video room
Aug 23, 1982 New Orleans Louisiana Terrance Dicks Dicks was woken by a telephone call from script editor Eric Saward asking him to write The Five Doctors
Sept. 1982 Denver Colorado John Nathan-Turner
Feb. 4-6, 1983 Tampa Florida Omnicon IV Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen
May 27-30, 1983 California Tom Baker
June?, 1983 Columbus Ohio Panopticon West III John Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley, Fiona Cumming, Ian Fraser
1983 Chicago Illinois John Nathan-Turner
1983 New York New York Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen
July 16-17, 1983 Chicago (Rosemont) Illinois Sheraton O'Hare Tom Baker
Aug. 12-14, 1983 Chicago (Rosemont) Illinois Ramada O'Hare 20th Anniversary Con (ComicCon) Peter Davison, Ian Marter, Janet Fielding, John Nathan-Turner, Nicholas Courtney
Oct. 1-3, 1983 Chicago Illinois Hotel Continental Tom Baker, Louise Jameson
Nov. 19-20, 1983 Boston Massachusetts Boston Sheraton
1983 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Nov. 26-27, 1983 Chicago (Rosemont) Illinois Hyatt Regency O'Hare Ultimate Celebration
Feb. 3-5, 1984 Miami Florida Miami Marriott on Biscayne Bay Omnicon V John Nathan-Turner, Colin Baker (1st con), Nicola Bryant, Anthony Ainley, Nicholas Courtney
June 15-17, 1984 Columbus Ohio Quality Inn Panopticon West IV
June 16-17, 1984 Arlington (Washington, DC) Hyatt Regency Crystal City Creation Sarah Sutton
July 6-8, 1984 Alabama Gulf Con Elisabeth Sladen
July 1984 St. Louis Missouri Gateway Con II John Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley
July 26-28, 1984 San Jose California Timecon Jon Pertwee
Aug. 3-5, 1984 San Jose California Timecon 84 Jon Pertwee
Aug. 1984 New York Pyramids of Buffalo John Nathan-Turner
Aug. 1984 St. Louis Missouri Tardiscon John Nathan-Turner (?), Louise Jameson, John Leeson, Ian Marter
early Nov. 1984 Buffalo New York Whofest John Nathan-Turner, Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, Gary Downie
Nov. 23-25, 1984 Chicago Illinois Hyatt Regency O'Hare TARDIS 21 (Spirit of Light) Patrick Troughton (1st con), Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Anthony Ainley, Nicholas Courtney, Nicola Bryant, Janet Fielding, Elisabeth Sladen, Mary Tamm, Lalla Ward, Mark Strickson, Frazer Hines, Terrance Dicks Report on Entertainment Tonight, Nov. 26, 1984
Jan. 1985 Champaign Illinois Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton
Mar. 15-17, 1985 St. Louis Missouri Peter Davison, Sandra Dickinson DW and Hitch Hikers Guide con
Mar. 22, 1985 Madison Wisconsin Dane County Coliseum WHA Katy Manning, Terrance Dicks
1985 Florida Omnicon John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie, Nicholas Courtney, Michael Keating (B7) DW & Blakes 7 con
late Mar. 1985 Wisconsin Terrance Dicks, Katy Manning
Apr. 26-28, 1985 Austin Texas Who-Tex Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker
June 1985 Chicago Illinois DWFCA Katy Manning, Terrence Dicks Inferno and Attack of the Cybermen are shown
June 14-16, 1985 Arizona Louise Jameson, John Leeson
mid 1985 California Patrick Troughton
July 12-14, 1985 New Orleans Louisiana Panopticon New Orleans Colin Baker, John Nathan-Turner, Nicholas Courtney
July 26-28, 1985 San Jose California Colin Baker
July 27-28, 1985 New York Matthew Waterhouse
Aug. 2-4, 1985 Tampa Florida Colin Baker, Ian Marter, John Nathan-Turner Only 150 attended - nicknamed The Convention of Death; guests didn't get paid
Aug. 10-11, 1985 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mark Strickson
Aug. 16-18, 1985 Clayton or St. Louis Missouri Tardiscon 85 Janet Fielding, Frazer Hines
Sept. 7-8, 1985 Scranton Nicholas Courtney
Oct. 18-20, 1985 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Jon Pertwee, Anthony Ainley, John Levene, Elisabeth Sladen, Lalla Ward, Janet Fielding, Nicola Bryant
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 1985 Chicago Illinois Hyatt Regency TARDIS 22 (Spirit of Light) Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Janet Fielding, Louise Jameson, Elisabeth Sladen, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, Terry Walsh, Lalla Ward, John Nathan-Turner, Nicola Bryant, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Anthony Ainley, Paul Darrow (B7), Jacqueline Pearce Report on WBBM 5:00 News, Nov. 30, 1985. Blakes 7 shown in video room
late Mar. 1986 Georgia Opus Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Louise Jameson
Apr. 1986 New Jersey Patrick Troughton
Apr. 1986 New Hampshire Patrick Troughton
Apr. 25, 1986 St. Louis Missouri Paradocs Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison
May 23-25, 1986 Austin Texas Whotex Jon Pertwee
May 30-June 1, 1986 Madison Wisconsin Wisconsin Union Theatre Whovent 86 (Spirit of Light and WHA) Peter Davison, Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, John Nathan-Turner, Bonnie Langford (1st con?) Shada shown
1986 Phoenix Arizona Peter Davison Davison visited the city, not sure if he attended a con
late July 1986 San Jose California Timecon Tom Baker
Aug. 1-3, 1986 St. Louis Missouri Adam's Mark Hotel Tardiscon '86 Mark Strickson, John Nathan-Turner, Janet Fielding (?), Frazer Hines, Ian Marter, Sarah Sutton
Sept. 20-21, 1986 Chicago Illinois Whoevent Tom Baker, Colin Baker
Nov. 28-30, 1986 Chicago Illinois TARDIS 23 Cancelled
Mar. 27-29, 1987 Columbus Georgia Columbus Hilton Magnum Opus Patrick Troughton, Louise Jameson, Anthony Ainley It was during this event that Troughton died
July 3-5, 1987 Illinois Time Festival 87 John Nathan-Turner, Janet Fielding
July 31-Aug. 2, 1987 San Diego California Timecon Colin Baker
Feb. 5-7, 1988 Florida Omnicon John Nathan-Turner, Gary Downie
Mar. 18-20, 1988 Kansas City Kansas Time Loop 88 John Levene, Anthony Ainley, Mark Strickson, Deborah Watling
Mar. 25-27, 1988 Columbus Georgia Magnum Opus III Colin Baker
Apr. 15-17, 1988 Stony Brook New York I-Con VII Sylvester McCoy (1st con), Anthony Ainley
May 1988 Houston Texas Doctorcon
May 1, 1988 Trenton New Jersey Relaxicon Sophie Aldred
May 6-8, 1988 Seattle Washington Anglicon Terry Nation
May 13-15, 1988 Atlanta Georgia Dixie Trek 88 Jon Pertwee
July 1-3, 1988 St. Paul Minnesota Time Festival 1988 Jon Pertwee, Frazer Hines
July 29-31, 1988 San Jose California Timecon 88 Nicola Bryant
Aug. 12-14, 1988 St. Louis Missouri Tardiscon 88 Colin Baker, John Leeson
Sept. 1988 Miami Florida Whocruise 88
Nov. 20-25, 1988 Miami Florida SS Galileo Silver Anniversary Cruise Sylvester McCoy, John Nathan-Turner, Frazer Hines
late Mar. 1989 Chicago Illinois South Expo Center Intergalactic Expo (DWFCA) Colin Baker Ron Katz and Colin Baker are interviewed on WTTW, but con was cancelled

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