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Story Code: / Season UK Airdate: 28 Dec 1981 Doctor:
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Lionheart promotional flyer for the story. Note, it was available in two formats.

This story aired in the following known countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

Australia Dec 84 PAL
United States Dec 84 NTSC
Canada Oct 06 NTSC
  • US syndicator Lionheart also offered the story as two half-hours (presumably with a cliffhanger at an appropriate mid-way juncture). However, as far as we can tell, the story was never aired by any US station in that alternative format.

US TV Guide description

  • During the Christmas season, Doctor Who's assistant Sarah Jane Smith and K9 search for Sarah's Aunt Lavinia.