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UK airdate:

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Foreign transmissions

The fourth serial of Season 7 screened in the following (known) countries:


The story was offered to the ABC Australia but was "rejected" by the government censors. Therefore the serial did not screen there, or in any other Commonwealth territory prior to 1979.

The story did screen in:

- as 16mm black and white film prints:

Possibly also: bbbbb, cccc, dddddd.

- as NTSC colour video tapes (distributed via Time-Life):

Note: The serial was never sold in its original PAL colour format. By 1974, the original PAL tapes had been wiped. BBC Enterprises did, however, retain the black and white films.


In mid 1983, NTSC colour tapes had been recovered in Canada, and the serial was again made available for sale in colour; it screened in:


The serial was also repeated in some of the above four countries during the 1990s.


Only the following countries are listed in the DWM Archive coverage of this story: xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxx.