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According to the IMDB, the TV Movie was shown in INDIA on Saturday, 25 September 2004.

We do not have access to any Indian newspapers to confirm this.

Of note, the New Series has been available in India since May 2015; none of the news reports about this mention the TV movie being shown ten years earlier.

India in Doctor Who

  • Marco Polo had travelled to India, and brought the Sacred Tooth of Buddha to Cathay; Kublai Khan was the Ruler of Asia, India, Cathay and other territories
  • The Daleks sad they were the masters of India (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)
  • Daheer had embroidery from India (The Crusade)
  • An Indian elephant is on board The Ark
  • There were T-Mat terminals in Calcutta and Bombay (The Seeds of Death)
  • The Doctor showed a slide of a Hindu demon with horns (The Daemons)
  • The SS Bernice was sailing the Indian Ocean towards Bombay; the cook was a Madrassi (Carnival of Monsters)
  • The injured Doctor is attended to by an Indian doctor in The Hand of Fear
  • Colonel Skinsale served with the army in India (Horror of Fang Rock)
  • The Doctor and Scobie liken the illusions they experience to that of the Indian Rope Trick (Time-Flight)
  • The Doctor knew of a nice little restaurant in the Khyber Pass (Ghost Light)