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HBO Ole logo

HBO OLÉ, a Spanish language branch of the HBO Cable network operating in the Caribbean, and Central and South America, acquired the rights to air the 1996 TV Movie. The film was promoted as "Dr Who" rather than "Dr Misterio".

Of note, in some of these countries the TV Movie had previously been available a few years earlier as a subtitled VHS tape. (The film had also apparently aired on TV in Argentina in early 1997, but we have been unable to verify this.)

(See also HBO Max.)

Stories bought and broadcast



The following countries were known to have access to HBO Olé:

The movie aired eight times on HBO Olé 1:

"Película" on OLE - is this the TV Movie?; El Nuevo Herald, Miami; 27 Feb 1999

Only some of the regional air-times are known:

  • Tuesday, 16 February 1999:
    • Mexico – 9.59pm
    • Venezuela – 11.59pm
    • Argentina – 12.59am
  • Saturday, 20 February 1999
    • Mexico – 1.00am
    • Venezuela – 3.00am
    • Argentina – 4.00am
  • Tuesday, 23 February 1999:
    • Mexico – 4.44am
    • Venezuela – 6.44am
    • Argentina – 7.44am
  • Saturday, 27 February 1999: [see clipping above]
    • Mexico – 5.15pm
    • Venezuela – 7.15pm
    • Argentina – 8.15pm
  • Monday, 1 March 1999:
    • Mexico – 8.45pm
  • Friday, 5 March 1999:
    • Mexico – 5.45pm
  • Sunday, 7 March 1999:
    • Mexico – 6.45pm
  • Thursday, 11 March 1999:
    • Mexico – 1.30am

Four months later, the film returned for five more screenings, but this time on HBO Olé 2. (Only the Mexico times are known.)

  • Thursday, 1 July 1999:
    • Mexico – 7.15pm
  • Sunday, 11 July 1999:
    • Mexico – 7.44am
  • Saturday, 17 July 1999:
    • Mexico – 7.15am
  • Tuesday, 20 July 1999:
    • Mexico – 5.00am
  • Saturday, 16 October 1999:
    • Mexico – 1.00am

(NOTE: These air-times are based on the West feed, which is three hours later than the East feed).

The broadcasts were in English with Spanish subtitles. (Although Dutch is the official language of Aruba, Curaçao and Suriname, English and Spanish could also be spoken in these countries.)


Our information regarding HBO Olé came from: HBO OLE on REC ARTS DR WHO

The Spanish language newspaper El Nuevo Herald - which had an edition published in Miami Florida - has listings for OLE, but these only cover 7pm to 11pm so the early morning and late evening screenings of the TV Movie don't appear; also, the paper only uses the generic term "Película" for its "film" listings, so only the 27 February 1999 issue [see clipping above] had an unidentified film from 9pm to 10.30pm that fitted within the above timeslots for that date.