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Greece is a European country on the Mediterranean Sea.



When Doctor Who screened in Greece in the late 1980s, the population was XXXXXXXXXXXXX, and licensed TV sets numbered XXXXXXXXX (per WRTH, 1990).

TV & system

Greece began its television service in 1966.

There are several TV stations: XXXXXXXXXXX.

Colour transmissions began in 1976 using the SECAM colour broadcast system.

A second run of Tom Baker stories aired on the Mega Channel.


The main language of Greece is Greek.


Greece was the 60th country to screen Doctor Who, and the eighth in Europe (see Selling Doctor Who).

BBC Records

The Eighties - The Lost Chapters records a sale of 5 stories (by 10 February 1987).

Greece is not identified in any of the DWM story Archives.

It is believed that the first five Tom Baker stories aired.

Stories bought and broadcast


Two separate runs of Tom Baker stories aired – the first in the late 1980s, the other in the early 1990s.

4A Robot 4
4B The Sontaran Experiment 2
4C The Ark in Space 4
4D Revenge of the Cybermen 4
4E Genesis of the Daleks 6
5A The Ribos Operation 4
5B The Pirate Planet 4
5C The Stones of Blood 4
5H City of Death 4
5K Nightmare of Eden 4
5L The Horns of Nimon 4

Greece therefore bought GROUP A of the Tom Baker stories, and a selection from GROUPS E and F.

The programme was supplied as PAL colour video tapes.



No details, the than "late 1980s". No details other than 1990s on the Greece Mega Channel – 5A, 5B, 5C, 5H, 5K, 5L.


The 1996 TV Movie aired on TVM-ERT in late 1996/early 1997.

The series started on Tuesday, 18 January 1966, screening every Tuesday, running non-stop for 53 weeks until 17 January 1967. The timeslot was variable, ranging from 5.20pm to 7.00pm.

TV listings

None found.

Greece in Doctor Who